10+ Parenting Hacks That Save You Time And Mess

Lex Gabrielle 14 Jul 2019

Parenting isn't always easy, especially with multiple young children. When your kids are playing, eating, or lounging around—we want to make sure we can keep everything as clean as possible so that we don't give ourselves more work to do while cleaning.

1. Store legos and toys in a show organizer to keep it color-coordinated and neat.

Kids Activities Blog

An easy way to clean and organize your kids toys at the same time.

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2. Use Tupperware to make snow forts to keep your kids hands and gloves dry and clean.

Instagram l @michelle_ssb1

Using a container makes sure that your kids are staying warm, having fun, and not ruining their winter gloves.

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3. Store your freezer pops upright so they don't melt or splatter in your freezer.

Instagram | @michelle_ssb1

So smart!

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4. Tape bubble bottles upright to prevent spilling.

Padbury Family Daycare

Taping the bottles up to a pole or a wall can help prevent the kids spilling out all the soapy water all over the place.

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5. Put plastic wrap over regular cups to prevent spills.


If you're out of sippy cups with lids, make your own by press and seal wrap over the top of a regular glass and simply making a hole for the straw.

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6. Keep kid's hands clean by using a whisk to dye eggs.

Mrs Happy Homemaker

For those who dye eggs for Easter, putting them in a whisk before dipping them in colors will prevent dye-stained hands.

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7. Use a shower rod and baskets to store bath toys in the tub.

Instagram l @nuripod

Save the mess and hurt feet by storing toys in the shower.

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8. Put pacifiers in dressing cups to keep them clean.


The house is filled with dust, germs, and dirt. Make sure your kids are putting clean pacifiers in their mouth by keeping them clean.

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9. Use ice cube trays to organize snack time and make it fun.

Instagram l @he_not_so_perfect_mom_of_6

Instead of bowls that spill and plates that let "food touch" use an ice cube tray to keep kids happy.

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10. Put a rubber band around lotion and soap pumps to prevent over pumping.

Tightwad Moms Frugal Forum

Kids are always trying to get more soap out of the pump than needed. Putting a rubber band around the top prevents over usage.

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11. After arts and crafts, use tape to pick up messy glitter thrown on the floor.

Instagram l @7starcleaning

Don't walk around a messy home. Use masking tape to pick up dropped arts and crafts supplies.

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12. Put a clip on the bubble wand to keep it from falling into the bottle.

Instagram l @athomewithlayla

Instead of shoving your whole hand in the bottle every time.

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13. Get a mini shoe rack to store kid's stuff in the car.

Decor-ganize Crafts

No more messy floors in the car, instead just perfect organization.

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14. Save your walls from decoration by giving your kids an entire box to color instead.


Kids love to color on big surfaces, so save an old Amazon box and let them go to work.

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15. Use a mason jar to prevent your kid's burritos from falling apart.

Instagram l @paula1886

Keep the food inside the burrito and on the table by using a mason jar to hold it all together.

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