15+ People Who Are Lowkey Genius

Diply 6 Jul 2018

There are a number of different kinds of intelligence, and everyone (well, mostly) is smart in their own way. These people have their own special (and very specific) brand of intelligence, and know how to think outside the box. That said, your mileage may vary if you try these same tricks. You have been warned.

1. Have to get gas but hate having to pull around people in front of you? This lady has you covered.

Reddit | HnapchatSacker

Note: do not do this if you're at the inside pumps, or you'll be re-enacting the Austin Powers backup scene for eternity.

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2. Do you hate opening your fridge and not being able to choose what to have for a snack? Skip that first step altogether with this brutally simple life hack!

Reddit | FiveAgst1

Now if only they would also make magnetic containers for dip.

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3. While I don't appreciate being called an arseface by an inanimate object, this concept is quite brilliant (and solves a fear held by many people who use bar soap).

Reddit | Random-kiwi

What happens if you use up one side before the other?

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4. This is a great way to get the license plate number off of the butthead who's tailgating you.

Reddit | yogishattx

Plus, if you ever find yourself stuck in traffic you can get out and burn some ants or something until things start picking up again.

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5. Public bathrooms too cheap to buy two-ply but you want the best for your posterior? Grab two rolls at once!

Reddit | RobbieGuy

What we lose in terms of environmental damage is made up for in not getting doodoo on your hand due to TP structural inferiority.

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6. Man, I wish I was as smart as this kid when I was young. He's going places for sure.

Reddit | Stef4Q

Namely his room (without dinner) when his mom figures out his ploy.

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7. Well you'll definitely get better torque out of this mixer. Just make sure you pick out the sawdust from the batter before you bake.

Reddit | iridescentmermaid

They probably use a table saw to slice their bread.

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8. When (or more accurately, if) I become a parent, I can only hope that I can do it as ingeniously as her.

Reddit | junn0

Quick question: do you check in your kids, or can they be a carry-on?

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9. Broken shower ring? No problem if you happen to be a cop or a little adventurous in the bedroom now and then. 

Reddit | AaronTiberius

Just make sure you don't drop the key down the drain, or you might be showering for a while.

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10. I always wondered what that compartment is for, and now I know — and you do too. 

Reddit | jfrenaye

Forget cup holders. I think every car should come with a taco holder and emergency tacos in case the car breaks down.

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11. Too cheap for a phone mount? Nothing a little redneck ingenuity can't solve. This is especially genius if you have a convertible and get caught in the rain with the roof down.

Reddit | jiminiminimini
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12. Who said these things are only good for coffee and tea? 

Reddit | blackjack1084

When you're living the bachelor life, you need to make sure at least half of your appliances are able to assist in making instant noodles.

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13. I am as impressed by his creativity as I am sickened by what must be in that bowl if it goes unwashed for too long.

Reddit | IowaCouscous

What happens if you get a little overzealous with the spoon and poke a hole?

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14. Tired of having your burritos (breakfast and otherwise) fall apart? Nothing a binder clip can't fix.

Reddit | Mr_RageRight

In my experience, it works a lot better than using a stapler or glue.

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15. Saves on gas, eats your grass: it's the lawngoater from John Deere. 

Reddit | PDRugby

It converts to a riding model easily, provided you have a goat-sized saddle lying around.

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16. The pool doesn't allow alcohol, but this guy should be fine because all there is in that cup is water.

Reddit | Amc724

There's more pee in a public pool than beer in a Coors Light.

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