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Attention Teachers, Target Is Offering A Week-Long Special Discount On School Supplies

Lex Gabrielle 4 Jul 2019

All over the country, teachers everywhere are shelling out their hard-earned money to buy school supplies and other things for their classroom. It's no secret that teachers are underpaid for the jobs that they do, but schools across the country are also severely underfunded, which limits resources for our kids.

Back-to-school season can get expensive.

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While many parents buy school supplies for their kids before going to school, there are those children whose families cannot afford to splurge on notebooks, pencils, and other supplies used in the classroom.

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Due to this, teachers are constantly spending money to supply things to promote a positive and beneficial learning environment for all students.

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However, it can become extremely expensive.

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According to the National Education Association, the average teacher in a public school makes less than $60,000 a year.

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Therefore, spending money out of their own pocket for supplies can be difficult.

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However, many teachers forgo financial struggles and provide necessary supplies to help their students reach their full potential in the classroom.

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They do this even if they spend more than they had anticipated.

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Now, Target is offering teachers an incredible deal.

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Target's Teacher Prep Event is a week in which the store will be offering a steep discount on school supplies for their classroom and students for the coming school year.

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The event will take place, however, for only one week.

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From July 13-20, teachers can get a 15% off discount on all school supplies under a list from Target's corporate.

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This list include: pencils, folders, crayons, markers, colored pencils, Pillowfort furniture, and classroom storage.

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Clearly, this helps teachers out in a way that can help students and parents, too.

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Additionally, teachers can get the 15% off on other classroom necessities such as disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer, and facial tissues.

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While some schools place these on the "school supplies" list, not all parents can provide them.

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The savings go beyond school supplies.

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To also help teachers, the event is offering a discount on select men and women's apparel to help teachers get their professional wardrobe set for the school year to come.

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To qualify for the event, it's simple: enter your teacher ID on Target's website.


Your coupon will then be emailed to you and can be used online or in-store.

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The discount also applies to teachers working at daycare centers, early childhood learning centers, and home schools, too.

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What an amazing way to help teachers who selflessly devote themselves to educating children every day!

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