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Guitar Solo Faces Make Way More Sense When Guitars Are Replaced By Giant Slugs

caylen.duke 24 Jun 2019

There is nothing about this article that will educate you or make you a smarter person.

It will, however, make you laugh.

1. Slash | TheCrispyDuck

Welcome to the jungle!

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2. James Hetfield | TheCrispyDuck

Yes, I will be sleeping with one eye open, clutching my pillow tight.

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3. John Mayer | TheCrispyDuck

I wonder if this slug's body is a wonderland?

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4. Santana | TheCrispyDuck

He's known for a good collab.

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5. Bruce Springsteen | TheCrispyDuck

Who's "The Boss" of that slug?!

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6. Alex Lifeson of Rush | TheCrispyDuck

I'd be in a rush to get that thing out of my hands, tbh.

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7. She's playing bass, but same thing. | TheCrispyDuck

Think of how different Haim would sound with this bad boy.

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