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Viral Pic Shows Bulldog That Ate 19 Pacifiers

Ryan Ford 21 Jun 2019

As a former bulldog owner, I can attest to the fact that they are glorious little goofs. They get a bad reputation because of how they look, but they're actually quite lovable and cuddly, and they're usually quite sedate. Ours had a magical ability to lighten the mood, and she could also rattle the walls with her snores.

You also can't ask for a more loyal pooch. Bulldogs will absolutely consider themselves part of the family.

And as lovable and cuddly as they can be, dogs in general sometimes find odd ways of showing their love.

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Some dogs just can't resist gnawing on things that smell like their humans, like this pooch that had to wear the evidence after giving its owner's pen some rough treatment.

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And then there's Mortimer.

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Mortimer is a three-year-old bulldog. Back in April, his family noticed that he was having some issues with nausea around meal time. They took him to the vet, who prescribed some medicine, but the problems persisted.

When Mortimer stopped eating altogether, the vets took an X-ray and found no less than 19 pacifiers blocking things up.

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So, for several months, Mortimer had been devouring the pacifiers of the family's two kids.

MSPCA-Angell via AP | Rob Halpin

It makes you wonder how his owners didn't notice that so many pacifiers were missing.

Well, the important thing is that Mortimer is okay now. He didn't even require surgery to remove all the suckers.

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However, it's no surprise that, thanks to a happy ending, Mortimer's antics are going viral.

Folks just can't get enough of this goof — or the pile of green plastic soothers next to him.

Also, for all the dog owners out there, this might be a good opportunity to have a talk with your pooches if you're missing any small objects around the house.

h/t: AP News

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