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12+ Photos That Sum Up The Struggle Of Having Long Hair

Ever since I was a teenager I wanted to have long hair. I've always admired girls with long beautiful locks. So I vowed to grow my hair. And now I finally have that long hair I've always wanted.

But the longer my hair grew the more I learned having long hair is not all that it's cracked up to be. The hair struggles are real.

1. Trying to keep that long mane under control requires work.

And after all that hard work do you really want to just undo it all to go to bed?

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2. Taking that perfect picture with your besties comes with a new set of challenges like trying to keep that hair out of your face on a windy day.


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3. Or even worse, when you're trying to take a sweet and romantic picture with your partner only your hair decides to have none of it.

Been there.

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4. Speaking of getting romantic, how about this lovely situation that happens pretty much every time someone tries to get close to you.

I hate when that happens. LOL!

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5. Sleeping with long hair comes with its own set of struggles.

Do you tie it back? Do you let it hang? Will it get stuck and wake you? OMG!

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6. When you've got long hair, there isn't such a thing in our vocabulary as a messy bun.

I mean it sounds good but the reality is much different.

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7. If you see me randomly freaking out for no reason, it's probably just that I thought something was rubbing against me only to realize it was just my hair.

Does anyone else ever think they have a spider on them when this happens?

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8. Brushing your long hair becomes a daily task you might as well put on your calendar because, in reality, it's going to take a while.

No kidding.

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9. And then there's that fun time when your hair gets stuck in a hairband and getting it out is always such a major pain in the butt.

This is the worst!

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10. This is exactly what girls with long hair think about on a weekly basis.

I so wanna chop mine off but I'm afraid that I'll regret it later. Ugh!

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11. If you have long hair and happen to have a young baby or a dog get used to it becoming their new favorite chew toy.

That must get annoying.

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12. And then there are all the places our hair ends up getting stuck in.

Some of them are quite unexpected like this perfect example. Even the dog is baffled.

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13. Girls with long hair should get some sort of a medal for all the creative ways we tried to put our hair in a bun.

Leaning Tower of Pisa!

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14. The eternal struggle.

Instagram | @scentualie4you

And then there's the dreaded SNAP when you wrap it around too many times and it breaks. It's loud and it hurts.

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15. The longer the hair, the more to untangle...

Sure, you might get to feel like Rapunzel, but when you wake up after a long night of tossing and turning just to find that your hair has now become a tangled mess, you might not feel so much like a princess.

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16. I don't know, you tell me...

Instagram | @mrsmike58

Long hair can be extremely finicky, and if you let it dry naturally, you can end up with a style you just cannot control. Better to nip that problem right in the bud.

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17. But then again...

Instagram | @kzielinski80

The amount of effort it takes to get your hair dry is phenomenal, and then you've got to get through the REST of your day?! Maybe I'll stick to just walking around looking like a poodle.

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18. From mermaid to swamp thing.

Instagram | @chelsea_alsbury_art

You feel so majestic and beautiful under the water with your hair floating around you, but as soon as you resurface your hair looks more... creature from the black lagoon.

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Even though long hair can be a daily struggle and it takes forever to wash it, not to mention the amount of product I gotta use, I still love it.

Giphy | HyperX

Long hair, don't care, right?

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