Keanu Reeves Is The Internet's Boyfriend And We Have The Memes To Prove It

jake.bean 12 Jun 2019

Ahhhh, Keanu Reeves. Finally, you're getting the recognition you deserve as both a pretty cool actor and an awesome guy in real life.

Well, today I'm going to do you justice, Keanu.

It's time.

YouTube | HitFix

It's time we all celebrate Keanu Reeves, one of the coolest humans on planet Earth.

Bring forth your memes, internet. Shower this awesome actor with the meme-related praise he deserves!

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This is where it all started.

He's been called "The Internet's Boyfriend" and apparently, someone at Entertainment Weekly brought it up to him.

His reaction is, of course, the perfect one. It's just textbook Keanu Reeves.

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There is some serious love for this guy.

I mean, talk about beloved! This person can literally just exist the way he has for a long time and keeps having people love him.

It's unprecedented how much he's enjoyed by the public.

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God, this man is awesome.

Reddit | Happepe

Seriously. The amounts he gives to charity, the good he does for the world and the fact that he's just so darn nice is all unbelievable.

No wonder these memes are so easy to find.

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There are some looks into his past.

Which I think is downright adorable. I mean, just look at that guy!

How can he not become the world's sweetheart? With that face? With that smile? That darned smile.

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This one is on point.

Reddit | Palana

And honestly, I can't think of another person who deserves to be at that table. Maybe Idris Elba? Oprah, perhaps?

I dunno, either way, the two who are there now are perfect.

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There are some who think...

That he might be a modern-day Icarus. Flew too close to the sun, and now his wings are going to melt.

I don't see Keanu crashing into the sea anytime soon...

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This one is called Wick > Snow.


And, you know, I hate to sound like a d-bag but duh.

Switch their universes around and I promise you that John Wick would be sitting on the Iron Throne in days.

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Then there's this look...

Which might have some girls (or boys, whatever) on the internet gushing. I... What?

Oh god, not gushing like that! Jeez, you people on the internet have a one-track mind.

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This ones been floating around for a while...

Instagram | keanucharles_thelovethepurpose

Yeah, I remember seeing this meme back in the old days of the internet (well, pre 2077, 2014 and 2017 pics).

There's this theory going around that Keanu is a being from the beginning of time. I could believe it.

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Is he off-put by all this?

This meme seems to think so, based on the Light Fury's reaction. I don't think so, personally.

I think a guy that humble probably loves the attention, especially because it's so positive.

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This one is...

A little weird. Call me a prude, but this whole dynamic kind of makes me cringe.

Internally, I would never put down someone like this to their face... this article doesn't count.

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Thank god.


I needed a really wholesome meme after that last one gave me the chills. Awww! Look at the little kitty!

That's the perfect representation of Keanu Reeves in person!

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I wonder...

Reddit | jonak273

If there are actually people out there who don't like Keanu Reeves.

I want to meet them, so I can study them and figure out what made them so hateful in the first place.

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And finally...


There's this clip from this year's E3, where someone called Keanu "breathtaking" and he replied in the most Keanu way possible.

He certainly is breathtaking, random fan. He certainly is.

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