15 Camping Food Hacks To Use On Your Next Adventure

Diply 12 Jun 2018

It's summer, sooooo hello, camping season!

Camping is great. You get to spend a good time with your family and friends, have bonfires with marshmallows and spider-dogs (my fave), swim, and enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer.

However, with camping comes the bugs and the light vacation packing. Nevertheless, there are always hacks to make life easier! So lay back and enjoy your camping trips to come because I'm here to help ya out!

1. Corn on the cob is delicious and easy to do, especially with a cooler...

Just A Pinch | Just A Pinch

With this hack from Just A Pinch, you can make a bunch of hot and steamy corn on the cob for the entire fam! Simply put the corn in a cooler and pour boiling water inside. You'll be able to cook corn for a crowd in just 30 minutes.

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2. Don't you just hate when you're enjoying a nice glass of lemonade and a bug flies in? 

The Taylor House | The Taylor House

Thanks to this tip from The Taylor House, you'll never have a bug-infested drink again! Simply put a cupcake liner over the top of your glass and poke a straw through. It's so easy!

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3. Just because you're going camping doesn't mean you should have to give up on your taste buds. 

Adventure Ideaz | Adventure Ideaz

You like your spices and that's fine! Adventure Ideaz uses a pill container from the dollar store to bring their spices camping with them. This way, you can have your spices AND your packing space.

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4. I'm pancake obsessed, even if I'm camping.

YouTube | FOOD & WINE

If you have an electric griddle and some electricity, you can easily make pancakes with a Ziploc bag while you're in the middle of the forest! This is for those who don't go completely electricity-free while camping. Thanks for this protip, Food & Wine!

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5. A delicious treat that the kids will love...or you, too! 

Kids Activities | Kids Activities

This awesome campfire cone recipe from Kids Activities is perfect for your camping trip! Simply fill your cone with all the deliciousness, wrap it in foil, and then burn it over the embers or grill!

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6. This has to be the easiest way to make a crescent roll! 

Instructables | Instructables

Thanks to Instructables, you can cook a crescent anywhere you go! I mean, as long as you have access to fire. Shave the edges of a stick, wrap the bread around it, and cook away! It's that easy.

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7. If you want to cook your food, you'll need to be able to start a fire. So bring matches! 

Craftaholics Anonymous | Craftaholics Anonymous

If you're like me, you aren't savvy when it comes to starting a campfire. With this tip from Craftaholics Anonymous, all you need to do is bring matches in a tiny box and glue sand paper to the lid to start a flame!

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Another way you can bring them with you is with a mason jar! 

Craftaholics Anonymous | Craftaholics Anonymous

Not do you have a vessel that won't get destroyed if accidentally wet, but you can bring more matches for more failed attempts! It's okay, not everyone is a pro fire starter. This is a judge-free zone.

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8. The perfect breakfast recipe — cinnamon rolls in an orange peel! 

Truly Simple | Truly Simple

First, eat your orange. Hey, they're healthy! Then use the peel as a bowl for your cinnamon bun to cook in. Set it over a grill on top of your campfire for the buns to cook! This awesome hack is from Truly Simple.

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9. Every campfire needs something to jazz it up a bit. Try this on your next camping trip! 

All Women's Talk | All Women's Talk

This recipe from All Women's Talk simply dips roasted marshmallows into a glass of Baileys. I can vouch for this, it's soooooo delicious. This is perfect for that camping trip with the friends or after the kiddos are asleep!

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10. This next one is for all those true campers out there.

Real Family Camping | Real Family Camping

The ultimate, super camping food hack by Real Family Camping is the paper bag egg hack. They put bacon and a cracked egg into a paper bag, poke a stick through it, and cook it over the campfire! Weird, maybe. Delicious, yes!

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11. For some of us, coffee is a necessity. Make sure you bring it camping with you! 

Thrillest | Thrillest

With this hack from Thrillest, you'll be able to make coffee anywhere you go. Put coffee into a filter, and use dental floss or an elastic to tie it off. Use the coffee filter like a tea bag!

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12. Uhm, excuse me? Apple pie in a tin?! I'll take 100! 

Adventures In Cooking | Adventures In Cooking

If you know you're going camping, make these beforehand to bring along! Line the tin with the pie shell, add your filling, and make the finished top. Then, just cook it over the fire! Yum x 1000. Find the recipe on Adventures In Cooking.

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13. Mmmm, mac n' cheese is life. And it's a perfect camping trip meal! 

Lauren's Latest | Lauren's Latest

This recipe by Lauren's Latest puts the mac n' cheese in an aluminum tin and cooks it over the campfire. It's so easy, and who doesn't love mac n' cheese?

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14. The easiest way to keep your dishes clean and dry after using them is to hang them up in a laundry bag! 

REI Co-op | REI Co-op

You don't want bugs or dirt on your dishes, so use a mesh bag to hang them up after washing. It'll keep your dishes dry and safe. This is a girl scout lesson for you all from the good people at REI Co-op.

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15. Yay, popcorn! It's yummy and fun to make! 

REI Co-op | REI Co-op

This hack from REI Co-op uses a soda can to cook their popcorn. Cut a flap out of the can, pour some oil in the bottom, add your kernels, and set it on the grill! It's the easiest popcorn ever.

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