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10+ Dads Who Saw The Opportunity For A Dad Joke And Ran With It

Sometimes it seems like dads are a different kind of breed of human, doesn't it? I mean they do and say the weirdest things. And the older they get the weirder they get. Amirite? Haha!

So if you're a dad or you have a dad, these funny tweets and jokes are right up your alley.

1. If you don't get this #dadjoke then pull my finger and I'll explain it to you.


LOL! Now I'm totally starting to get this dad sense of humor.

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2. Dads never seem to be able to pass up an opportunity to make themselves sound like they're way cooler than they actually are.

Twitter | @BrianJones01

LOL! Every single time.

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3. "My friend and I getting our dad jokes on."

Reddit | NotOnThisSite

Seriously? I'm not a dad so can somebody tell me what am I missing here? I don't get it.

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4. OMG, I think that might be the most genius idea I've ever heard of.

Twitter | @innesmck

I totally wanna try this trick. What do you think? LOL. Genius or not?

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5. Dad jokes at Home Depot.

Reddit | unknown_name

Well, isn't that so clever, huh? I dunno if that's entirely a dad joke or just a man joke in general. C'mon, guys.

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6. Oh, dads think they're so clever when they insert a boy band reference in their conversations?

Aren't they? But really, who are they fooling with this one?

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7. Or how about this one?

They absolutely love quoting their favorite TV show in the most inappropriate of times. That's definitely a classic one here. Do you feel me?

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8. And then again, don't you just love their wry sense of humor?

Reddit | SymphonySketch

My dad never did anything like this but this is definitely such a dad joke.

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9. Then you got those dads that are so good at math they'll drive you absolutely bonkers with their "cool" math jokes.

No thanks, dad. Not today. I've had enough.

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10. This is one of those times when you finally realize your dad really needs to get some glasses.

Twitter | @CocoaTheDon

Either that or he's starting to lose it. Oh, man...

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11. What happens when your dad is a constant joker?

You have to put up with hearing stuff like this. All the freakin' time. Like ten times a day!

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12. "It's harder than I expected to get into..."

Reddit | justagoodude

Ha ha ha that's actually a very good one. If I say so myself. Did he come up with it himself?

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13. These are the very raw and real reactions of what happens when a dad joke is told.

Reddit | Tio76

"I needed my wife and daughters to smile during a photo shoot, so I told a dad joke," Reddit user Tio76 said.

Do we think he achieved what he needed to?

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14. Ah yes, the classic dad joke with added raw materials.

Reddit | crash7800

A Reddit user recounted, "Older gentleman walked up to me while I was working in my yard. Asked me if I wanted a free washer and dryer, then handed me this."

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15. This dad's dedication to the dad joke craft is unreal.

Reddit | Mechanicalmama

"You know your pops is committed to dad jokes when he stops in the middle of a six hour drive in Wyoming just to take this picture," said Reddit user Mechanicalmama.

This is a good one.

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16. "Hey! Take a photo of me in front of this waterfall like it's coming out of my nose!"

Reddit | matteocrayo

That's most likely what the dad said. I can picture it and hear it so clearly.

Probably because my own father has requested something similar.

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17. Sometimes, you gotta hit them with the "classique" dad joke special.

Reddit | WayofDrJ

I wonder how long he waited for this photo to happen. Probably his whole vacation!

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18. The dad knows how to protest the right way.

Reddit | pepsodont

Now this is how you grab the public's attention for your cause, people!

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19. Don't say your dad never got you something special for Christmas.

Reddit | joko91

"So my Dad got us all new iPads for Christmas...," Reddit user joko91 said.

Ah ha ha ha. Good one!

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20. This man was handed this photo op to him.

Reddit | StardustPrime

They're always coming out with new things at grocery stores, aren't they?

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21. Don't say your dad never helped.

Reddit | ElectricNed

"I asked my dad for a cordless drill and this is what he gave me," said Reddit user ElectricNed.

Beggars can't be choosers. What you ask for, you get!

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22. This is one of those jokes that sends your eyeballs rolling back to the prehistoric period.

Reddit | radastronaut

"My girlfriend's dad told me he passed a kidney stone this week. This is the pic he took to prove it...," Reddit user radastronaut said.

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23. Many of us may not understand what it was like to be grounded and lose cellphone privileges.

But, it's a modern reality.

And this dad is really playing it up!

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24. If you're a 'Star Wars' and 'Star Trek' fan, then you know.

Reddit | hedgehogj

Either the dad was super innocent on this one or knew exactly what he was doing.

Regardless, it's silly.

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25. Sometimes you just have to have the jokes on the ready.

Reddit | BaconYumYums

"Just realized my Dad carries around with him several papers filled with jokes. He reads them whenever he’s bored or needs a laugh," said Reddit user BaconYumYums.

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26. Kids say whatever they want. So when they're tired of your jokes, they're going to tell you.

Reddit | Barndillo

"My 7yo got sick of my Dad Jokes. Wrote me a note about it...," said Reddit user Barndillo.

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27. A wild dad caught in the dad joke wild.

Reddit | JohnsonMachine

"My dad just arrived in Florida and sent the family this. Dad joke at its finest," Reddit user JohnsonMachine said.

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28. This is extremely creepy and wildly unnecessary, but it works.

Reddit | ojesph

No one will ever know why this is chilling in the bed of a pickup truck, but alright.

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29. To be honest, I would love for my dad to have Snapchat.

This is the kind of dad joke we all want to receive!

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30. This dad is in love with his Hallowe'en costume.

Reddit | j_piper

"My dad thought he was home alone. I had to see why he was laughing so hard," said Reddit user j_piper.

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31. Dads give the best graduation presents.

Reddit | EverythingFerns

A whole four dollars from dad! Wow.

Well, it sure is better than zero dollars.

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32. Making "Brownies"

Reddit | The_Rhythm_Ninja

"I woke my kiddos up this morning by telling them I made "Brown Es". They jumped out of bed quickly, uncharacteristically. They are not amused by my Bad-Dad-Jokes."

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33. This terrible pun.

Twitter | @scottielindsay

Is anyone else rolling their eyes at this? Honestly, this is such a typical dad joke. I'm impressed by the amount of effort he put into it, though.

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Well, dads will be dads and there's nothing you or I can do about it.

Giphy | Desus & Mero

We just have to embrace them silly jokes aside. But they do make great BBQ!

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