Scientists Are Working To Develop A Real-Life Spider-Man Web

Alicia D'Aversa 11 Jun 2019

UMBC’s Sarah Stellwagen is developing a spider glue.

Yup, inspired by Peter Parker's Spider-Man himself, this scientist is creating a web that can be used in an almost similar fashion.

Who is pumped? Imagine being able to be the world's first real Spider-Person?

All this info comes from a report from the UMBC website.


For quite some time now, scientists have been trying to find out how to create the same spider-web that Peter Parker uses.

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But they're still unable to recreate it exactly.


They can't quite figure out how to replicate the exact webbing, but they've gotten extremely close!

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It's been a difficult process.


“I’m super excited that I was able to finally figure out the puzzle, because it was just so hard,” Stellwagen said.

“Ultimately we learned a lot, and I am happy to put that out there for the next person who is trying to solve some ridiculous gene.”

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Stellwagen also said that the use for the spider-web will be for practicality.


An example? Farmers could use it to protect their livestock from predators!

What do you think about his development?

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