16 Baking Hacks That'll Make You Look Like A Pro

Diply 15 May 2018

Calling all amateur bakers!

Do your cake layers turn out ridiculously domed? Have your cookies been spreading all over the pan? Is a cake mix the limit of your baking prowess? Do you always run out of frosting?

No worries! Follow these simple tricks and everyone will think you're a total pro, and that your desserts are good enough to be from a fancy bakery.

Let's take a look!

1. Be cautious of what kind of cake pan you're using, especially for a vanilla cake.

Foodal | Foodal

The top cake was baked in a dark-colored pan and the bottom in a light-colored pan, with everything else the same. The darker pan absorbed more heat.

If you only have darker pans, try lowering your baking temperature by 25°F.

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2. If you need to thoroughly incorporate some cold butter into some pastry dough, the trick is to grate it.

One Good Thing | One Good Thing

Grating the butter creates soft, thin pieces that will be much more easily distributed throughout your dough.

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3. Use scraps of lace as stencils for gorgeous powdered sugar designs.

Sweet Verbena | Sweet Verbena

Lay some clean lace over your cupcakes, sprinkle powdered sugar on top, and gently lift the lace away. You'll be left with a professional-looking design with minimal effort!

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4. Make sure your lettering is perfect every time with the help of a toothpick.

Lauren Conrad | Lauren Conrad

Poke tiny dots into the frosting to mark out where each letter should be, then trace it over with your icing. No crooked or half-finished words here!

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5. Use different items around the house to decorate the edges of your pie crust.

Bakepedia | Bakepedia

Crimping with tongs is a foolproof method, but you can also try corkscrews, measuring spoons, and even pearls to create gorgeous repeating designs.

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6. Make a cake mix taste like it came right from a professional bakery with a couple substitutions. 

Instagram | @racheycakesquada

Apparently the trick is to add one more egg (two for super richness), use whole milk instead of water, and substitute melted butter for oil, doubling the amount.

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7. Tired of trimming off the domes on your cakes for flat layers?

Liv for Cake | Liv for Cake

Two quick tricks will sort that out. First off, try wrapping your pans in cake strips to even out the heat. Second, to correct small domes, grab a tea towel when the layers are fresh from the oven and lightly press down.

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8. Easily double your store-bought frosting with a little elbow grease.

Instagram | @foodlover6360

Put the frosting into a bowl and then whip it with an electric mixer. You'll be whipping tons of air in, doubling the volume of your frosting after a few minutes to cover more cupcakes or layers.

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9. Ever wondered how to give your ganache that smooth, glassy finish?

This Week for Dinner | This Week for Dinner

A quick blow dry will work wonders. Turn up the heat and apply it directly to the ganache, using a spatula to smooth out the melting chocolate.

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10. Keep your layers fresh by sacrificing a few slices of bread.

Baked Bree | Baked Bree

You can leave cake layers overnight without getting stale if you put a slice of bread on top of each one. The bread will get super hard, but the cake will stay nice and moist.

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11. Am I the only one who never remembers to soften the butter first?

Facebook | Kimberly Reaves Bernards

To soften up butter when you need it (and not melt it), try pouring boiling water into a glass, dumping the water out, and then using the glass to cover your butter.

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12. Transform any cake mix into cookie dough with just two ingredients.

Somewhat Simple | Somewhat Simple

Just add 1/3 to 1/2 cup of oil and two eggs to your cake mix for instant three-ingredient cookie dough. Get ready for lemon cake cookies, devil's food cake cookies, and funfetti cookies.

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13. Achieve a perfect finish for your frosting by using a smooth paper towel.

Life, Love and Sugar | Life, Love and Sugar

Once you've made the buttercream as wrinkle-free as possible, lay smooth (not patterned!) paper towel on the cake, and use a fondant smoother to rub firm, even circles across the sides and the top of the cake.

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14. Pie crust is always tricky, but your cookie cutters can make you look like a pro.

Savoring Spoon | Savoring Spoon

Just cut out your top crust with cookie cutter hearts and layer them onto the pie.

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15. Everyone has a different idea of cookie perfection, so you need to know how to make them perfect for you.

Handle the Heat | Handle the Heat

Try playing around with different kinds of sugar, chilling the dough, and melting the butter to see what works best for you, and use the guide below to understand exactly how cookies work.

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16. To get your whipped cream as fluffy as it can be, try chilling both your whisk (or beaters) and your bowl.

Add a Pinch | Add a Pinch

Place your equipment in your freezer 20 minutes before you start beating, and make sure your whipping cream is as cold as possible as well.

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