12+ Things Kids These Days Will Never Understand

Diply 14 Aug 2018

Kids these days with their dang selfie sticks and their avocado hoverboards and their overwhelming student debt that prohibits them from upward financial mobility — they just don't know how hard it was in the good old days!

So, if you happen to be one of these youths, listen up and strap in because you're in for a trip down memory lane.

1. Back in the '90s, there was no shortage of instructional VHS videos featuring stars of popular sitcoms. I learned how to change my oil thanks to A.L.F.

Reddit | melvs6

The main barrier to this, of course, was living in a household that could afford both a TV and a computer.

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2. I remember my first mp3 player had about 500 megabytes of storage, and that was considered big at the time.

Twitter | @madeyc8

Usually, you had to rotate out an entire album's worth of songs each time your favorite band came out with a new one.

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3. Sure, people still take mirror selfies. The difference is back then, we had literally no other option.

Twitter | @Aggy__

Getting a pic of your good side wasn't even the hard part — making sure you actually got your head in the frame was!

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4. Every '90s kid knew the key to impressing your teacher was the tasteful inclusion of garish, aesthetic-shattering WordArt.

Reddit | CentreForAnts

Combine it with a tasteful font like Comic Sans to really make your teacher reconsider their choice of career.

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5. Okay, I lied — there was a way to get a selfie without using a mirror.

Reddit | Zimiii

Who else remembers this? It just happened to cost close to $100, required a bunch of cables, and the picture was pixelated black and white. Also, it was the size of a stamp.

The struggle was real.

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6. If flip phones were good for nothing else, the satisfying feeling of snapping your wrist to hang up on haters was totally worth it.

Twitter | @BlakePorter27

How long do you think it'll be before we come full circle and get back to flip phones?

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7. Back in the day, this is how kids kept themselves entertained while the dial-up internet was out because mom was having a 2-hour conversation with Aunt Kathy.

Reddit | GurgleMyMilk

If this is familiar to you, you can also hear the "start up" sound this game made when it opened.

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8. Alright, so, before DVD and Blu-Ray was a thing, if you wanted to watch home movies, you needed one of these babies.

Reddit | AdamalIica

Then while you waited for it to rewind, you'd past the time checking the charge on the battery by squeezing the green dots. A lot of things passed for "fun" back then.

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9. I actually handed in all of my assignments on a floppy disk up until ninth grade.

Twitter | @Bill_Gross

They were dirt cheap, and had just barely enough storage to hold a five page assignment.

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10. The '90s: a golden age for boy and girl bands alike. Only recognize the Baha Men? Yeah, me too.

Reddit | nakaflockaflame

The Mighty Kids Meal, by the way, was just a Happy Meal that came with slightly more food and a $5 toy instead of a 50 cent one.

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11. The '90s were also a time where you could sell all kinds of dumb junk as long as the marketing included wacky fonts and an utter disregard for grammar and spelling.

Reddit | gredgex
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12. Ah yes, who else remembers when the internet came on a disk?

Reddit | Porkchop_King

Back in the day, you couldn't just download your favorite browser, you had to shell out five bucks for it.

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13. Before there was Safari, before Chrome, before Firefox, before Internet freakin' Explorer, there was Netscape Navigator.

Reddit | Reddit

If you don't recognize this logo, never talk to me or my son ever again.

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14. This, kids, is called a pay phone. It's a member of an endangered species, with only a few hundred left in the wild.

Imgur | slamdance7

With your kind donations of of 25 cents, you can make sure these artifacts from another age find homes.

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15. This is almost a little too old-school for my taste, but even I remember the days before Google Maps and GPS.

Twitter | @BenHagueComedy

You'd have to go on MapQuest, burn through your printer's ink printing off eight pages of directions, and then struggle to keep them in the right order for the ride there.

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16. These were like Tamagotchis marketed towards boys or any kid who was into Digimon. 

Reddit | sivs2584

They worked based on how much you walked (or shook them), kind of like a precursor to Pokémon GO.

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