24 People Who Shared Their Makeup Misfortunes

Diply 15 May 2018

If you're a lover of all things makeup and beauty, then that means you've likely faced a struggle or two along the way.

Don't worry, we've all faced them too, but that doesn't mean we have to like it, does it?

1. I don't know why, but sometimes, foundation seems to have a mind of its own.

Instagram | @evansmarla

And I'm all for expressing individuality, but not when your makeup costs $50 and stains every surface you own.

Seriously, this would take forever to clean up!

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2. To be fair, the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette does smell really good.

Twitter | @llaurenbbby

I'm more surprised that the child didn't take one bite and then stop. There's no way it actually tastes good. I have my doubts about this kid.

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3. If you're the kind of person who keeps liquid latex in their makeup bag, then you've had nightmares of this happening to you.

Twitter | @josiebridget

Despite it looking like a cool piece of art after it's dried, it's not at all fun to clean up.

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4. This mascara looks like you just hurt its feelings.

Twitter | @RadomiraTheRed

But it's makeup and is supposed to have your back through thick and thin.

I wouldn't be really angry if my mascara did this to me, I'd just be disappointed.

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5. The dramatic brows are a trend that I'm confident girls will regret in five or 10 years from now.

Twitter | @Nicoleyy_9

Kind of like how skinny eyebrows were all the rage about a decade ago, and now they look trashy if they're over-tweezed.

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6. This girl explained that this is the third beauty blender her dog has eaten in a month.

Twitter | @Fatimaaaaaa16

Do beauty blenders taste delicious or something? Maybe this dog is onto something.

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7. I have a pretty good feeling that this doggo got himself into some really expensive lipstick.

Reddit | ryl333

But look at that little face. How could anybody be upset with him now?

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8. The same goes for this cute little guy.

Twitter | @lala_no_nene

Honestly, he looks fabulous. That shade of pink is really complementing its golden fur. what highlight do you think he used?

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9. This girl accidentally scratched her eye and it caused her eyes to water and her makeup to run.

Twitter | @Fragged_BYaGIRL

I feel so bad because I know we've all been there. At least the Snapchat filter is really working for her.

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10. Another totally relatable moment for all of us.

Twitter | @ginad129

Accidentally rubbing your eye and forgetting you put mascara on. It's the worst when you're at work or somewhere you can't immediately fix it up.

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11. I have a feeling that hairstylists have seen this happen all too often.

Instagram | @tremaynehair

It only takes this happening once before you start going to the salon with a bare face.

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12. I'll never judge a girl who wears a face full of makeup to the gym.

Instagram | @alyssaraesim

But I'll also never understand how it doesn't sweat off just like this. Like really, what kind of setting spray do you guys use? Because I need some help.

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13. Why do kids and pets seem to love messing around with makeup?

Instagram | @theaguilerasisters

And why do they only get caught after the disaster has happened?

This lipstick is a good shade on her. Give it a few years and come back to it, honey.

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14. Trying out Pinterest and YouTube vlogger looks is way harder than it looks.

Instagram | @robobachel

Just remember that they have amazing lighting and tons of time to edit the video to make it look easy. Don't give up!

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15. Makeup and freezing cold temperatures typically don't mix.

Twitter | @christinatoth8

Which is actually a bit annoying. What are the Canadians supposed to do? Just not wear mascara? That's just not fair.

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16. This is the definition of heartbreak in one picture.

Instagram | @mere.cantrell

Not only is Fenty Beauty foundation super expensive, it's also hard to get the shade you want without it being sold out.

My heart goes out to this person during this difficult time.

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17. The Kylie Jenner lip challenge is so three years ago.

Twitter | @sophiesnv

But we love to reminisce. This is the perfect reminder that trying out trendy beauty fads isn't always a good idea.

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18. Some people are really annoyed that the Kat Von D Lock-It foundation bottle is super weak.

Twitter | @aussie_gal27

If you're going to charge people their kidney to afford this stuff, at least make it last.

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19. Contouring isn't as easy as it looks. In fact, it's an art form.

Instagram | @msli23

And it's one that not everybody has been able to nail down just yet. Just remember that practice makes perfect!

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20. Few things are infuriating as discovering that your makeup product looks like it's a decent size...

Reddit | TeaTime_001

Only to find out that you're being totally ripped off by the packaging. How dare they?!

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21. Any eyeshadow lovers out there?

Imgur | Imgur

If so, you'll know the instant rage you get as soon as you see looks like these, where the shadow is not at all blended out.

I hate this so much.

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22. You know you're not supposed to leave babies or pets (or any living creature) locked inside a hot car.

Instagram | @gids4

And now you need to know that you should never leave your lipstick in a hot car either.

You'll regret it.

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23. Putting on lipstick is one challenge, taking it off is another.

Instagram | @pagli_raida

Sometimes, makeup wipes are God's gift to beauty lovers.

Other times, it's like he wants to see us all suffer.

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24. Who else is insanely sick of putting on mascara, and then sneezing .5 seconds later?

Twitter | @MadisonRios17

It's a sick joke — really it is. I agree, let's just make this a trend and call it a day. Thanks.

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