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16 Satisfying Examples Of Perfect Handwriting

Diply 29 Dec 2017

Full disclosure: I am a stationery addict. In particular, I am fond of fountain pens and inks. I'm even learning calligraphy.

To say handwriting is kind of my thing would be a bit of an understatement.

That said, in this age of digital communication, I think everyone can appreciate the soothing art of some really great penmanship.

1. This person wrote their mom's name in the snow to thank her for Christmas dinner.

Reddit | clev3rbanana

Mom busted her butt to make a great dinner, so why not show one's appreciation with a nice gothic font?

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2. It's doesn't have to be fancy calligraphy, either.

Reddit | arrisonrenee

Sometimes just receiving a card or gift allows you to appreciate the simple beauty of the giver's everyday handwriting. It's a lost art, really.

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3. Having a unique handwriting style can really make your work stand out.

Reddit | Clayterss

Look how uniform this essay is, and yet it's full of personality. Especially where the student crossed out the word "acts" only to write it again neater.

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4. Oh sure, anyone can write neatly on paper at a desk, but writing on a wall increases the difficulty. 

Reddit | vanillagueriller

I know my handwriting — which has been described as "pretty" or "cool", but never "neat" — just falls apart when writing on a whiteboard.

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5. But don't fret if your day-to-day handwriting isn't that great.

Reddit | camelCaps42

Be like this person, who finds joy in how perfect this number 7 turned out. Take pleasure in the small things.

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6. Or go even smaller and appreciate how perfect this comma is.

Reddit | _KingKaden_

It's beautiful. It looks like something typed on a computer. It should be saved and framed as the comma all others should aspire to be.

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7. Writing out the lyrics to your favorite songs is a great way to practice. 

Imgur | Abbyheartsart

If you want to improve your handwriting, this is way more fun than copying drills. Plus, you get some sweet art out of it!

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8. I bet this person is always asked to update the signboard. 

Imgur | sofiarosesaid3

I know that if I was their boss and saw what they could do, I'd never be happy with my own sad attempts at promoting the current sales ever again.

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9. Here's another example of an impressive whiteboard, this time with smaller text.

Reddit | TomFumbidill

Just don't read the text. The handwriting is super satisfying, but the words are clearly part of some medical practice. "Severe pain", "heart attack", etc.

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10. These microeconomics notes are to die for!

Reddit | DylanArthurWrites

Besides the very satisfying use of color, I think my favorite part is the underlining. Look how they perfectly bisected the line for each letter that dropped below it.

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11. A lovely gothic quote in the sand!

Reddit | ronn55555

It's a bit tough to read at that angle, so here's what it says: "A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new," which is attributed to Albert Einstein.

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12. Just some beautiful chalkboard lettering art.

Imgur | theaboarddude

Lettering is a different art than penmanship. It's really "drawing" the words rather than "writing" them, but it's so lovely and calming. This example is just so wonderful.

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13. Now this is attention to detail!

Imgur | BurtReynoldsNipple

Not only did this Harry Potter fan make a wonderful reproduction of Harry's Hogwarts letter, but they even made sure to do it in green ink!

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14. Yep, it's another whiteboard.

Imgur | arielle0416

But really, can you blame me? Besides looking great, this sign is really making me crave some waffles smothered in pure maple syrup. BRB, I need to go have some breakfast.

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15. The most important thing to remember is that it's never too late to improve.

Imgur | deanwashere

This user posted a before and after, explaining that an accident forced them to learn to write left-handed. In two years, this was the result of constant, careful practice.

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16. It will never cease to amaze me the things that creative people can make with just about anything.

Reddit | Comikiki

I can't even squeeze ketchup on the plate where I want it, let alone make something this beautiful.

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17. Who could even be upset about this? The fact that it's so beautiful kind of cancels out the fact that it's not allowed.

Reddit | proximaldookie

Don't you think? I'd be okay with seeing this every day.

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18. Again, who is this talented?! Do you know how hard highlighters are to use?

Reddit | SkateReubeno

I am very impressed, this is lovely. Pretty in love with the highlighter pink, I've always been a fan.

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19. Let's leave off with a nice reminder and some beautiful dip pen calligraphy.


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