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16 Times The World Just Hit The Random Button

Diply 3 May 2018

Making decisions can be kinda tough sometimes. Whether it's because you have too many options or you don't really care about any of them, sometimes it's best just to pick one at random and hope for the best.

But while that's fine if you're picking a restaurant or a Street Fighter character, some things require a little more thought.

Unfortunately, it seems the world didn't get that memo because it decided to show us these crazy things today.

1. I know R2D2 already had a lot of tricks up its...compartments? Anyway, I wish that just once, it suddenly transformed into this. 

Reddit | Dom-Drick

Not even Darth Vader would've seen it coming if the little, beeping homie suddenly grew these guns and clocked him in the face.

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2. Well, I suppose a happy, healthy iron is gonna get more wrinkles out than one you keep cooped up.

Reddit | defrac310

Warning: If the store doesn't have a really chill return policy, I wouldn't try to put this theory into practice if I were you.

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3. As if seeing a wizard walk down the street wasn't unusual enough, how about the one who's picking his nose?

Reddit | rugbyjames1

Fine, I'll admit I do that too. Still, I probably wouldn't if I had some spell that could take care of that tissueless issue for me.

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4. Is this not supposed to be E.T.? Because I think it's impossible to see the main course here as anything else.

Reddit | i124nk8

I guess all that talk about trying to research him and figure out how he worked was all bull. Those government agents were just hungry.

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5. I don't know, is it better or worse that this mysterious doll head looks a little friendlier than those old, rotten ones?

Reddit | Jentrins

Why is this a question that I can reasonably ask myself? How did my life go so wrong to get me to this point?

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6. I can kind of understand one abandoned toilet in a forest, but how was this the agreed upon place to dump them?

Reddit | GroundbreakingBid

Or did anyone even agree here? Maybe this is just one person's lifelong project to bring them back to the root of the toilet paper.

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7. I really hope this guy didn't manage to cage himself in like this, because that's gonna make me nervous about any building I walk by now.

Reddit | El_Lobo_Loco

Actually, there's no situation where I'd be OK with this. If other people did it to him, that just sucks.

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8. If anyone expected to see a woman riding a zebra that day, I'd want them picking out my lottery numbers.

Reddit | Asiakaspalvelu

Actually, I think that's just a painted horse. Wait, that's arguably even weirder. Who rides around on an impostor zebra?

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9. It may not look like much at first, but there's kind of a lot to unpack here.

Reddit | CosmicKeys

Is this a perfectly timed sculpture before he fell down? Is this a hovering hyper-realistic sculpture? Were agents shooting at him and he somehow unlocked the powers of the Matrix?

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10. I can't even begin to guess what would give a toilet that weird glow, but I'm not going anywhere near it.

Instagram | @streetcatto

Even putting up the "Out of Order" sign wouldn't be worth getting sucked into that thing by the demon with the world's worst job.

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11. As impressed as I am that somebody figured out how to make such a detailed snowman, they really need to learn about boundaries.

Instagram | @streetcatto

Even if this thing wasn't about to melt all over my floor, my house is not your art studio, homie.

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12. Hmm, at least I'm a little less unnerved by this now that I get what pun they were going for. 

Reddit | Marassss

Har, har, har, they're Switch blades. I'm still not playing the game that needs these attachments, though.

Especially not if it's multiplayer.

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13. OK, so I get the horn. And I kinda get the clown doll, even though he's not helping this whole picture.

Reddit | ArchaeologicalBabu

But what gave somebody the idea to make these weird all-neck guitars? Like, even an unplugged electric guitar would probably sound better than these.

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14. Either I'm interrupting some strange ritual, or there's a really great show happening inside of this thing's sleeves.

Reddit | maustin829

I can't even call it a hypebeast ritual because there's no label that would make this pointlessly expensive.

Is this a shrine to every hoodie people lost to bae?

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15. If Antarctica has a tourism department, I'm guessing this image isn't appearing in any of their ads. 

Reddit | slight

In fact, I have a feeling the ad would just be the words, "We got penguins" flashing on a screen.

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16. So, I can't help but notice that bumper has a shoe hanging off of it. 

Reddit | DiamondxCrafting

Part of me really hopes someone put that there on purpose, but the rest of me is a little suspicious about why somebody would do that.

There's no winning here, is there?

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