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15 Strange Pictures With Surprising Origins

Diply 14 Mar 2018

Every good hero has an origin story. I mean, they spend nearly two hours telling us the origin story every goddamn time, so it's gotta be important, right?

Well, it's not just heroes that have origin stories. Sometimes pictures have some pretty interesting ones as well. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes one thousand words isn't enough and you need two hours of screen time to tell it instead.

But, since we don't have that kind of time, I'm going to give you the origins of these photos in 40 words or less. Are you ready?!

1. While it might look like something from Mars, it's actually something a little less alien.

Reddit | dukenheim

It's just some interesting bubbles that occurred while someone was stirring up their cocoa powder.

Not quite as exciting.

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2. How does a coin get flattened into a piece of metal?

Reddit | Kekdich

Well, it gets run over by a train so many times that the two of them blend together.

I'm sure there's some sort of crazy science behind this, but I ain't a scientist, guys.

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3. I will give someone $5 if you can guess what is going on in this bizarre photo.

Reddit | Christmascandy666

No takers? It's a decomposing pumpkin that for has a few screws in the center for some reason. I'm filing this one under WTF.

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4. There are a lot of strange things going on here, but it's all in the name of art.

Reddit | Hootingforlife

This Reddit user's roommate takes the plush dolls from a crane game, sews them together, then paints them.

It's super weird, but I'm super into it.

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5. Who else leaves things in their fridge for much longer than they should?

Reddit | CoolKid2016

Well, this Reddit user left a jar of vinegar in their fridge for two years and the lid started to decompose. Protip: Clean out your fridge.

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6. Despite the fact that this Oreo looked totally normal on the outside, it looked a bit different when opened.

Reddit | tehwjsb

I'm sure we can go farther back into the backstory for this one, but the basic explanation is that someone messed up at the production plant.

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7. If you've ever tossed a soda (or beer) in the freezer, you've probably had something like this happen.

Reddit | Jblack2236

Warning: This WILL happen if you leave soda in a car in the middle of winter, and the results will probably be much worse than this.

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8. I'm not sure if this is part of every phone or just this one, but apparently there's a small magnetic spot.

Reddit | Cloudsnevergetold

That's why the hair pin is sticking to the phone, not because of some strange voodoo witchery. This ain't Hogwarts, folks.

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9. I've never tried to do this, but now that I know what happens, I kind of want to.

Reddit | WalkersRS

Apparently, when you pull the centre of a carrot away from the rest of it, it has fangs.

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10. If you've ever used a urinal in a Target store, this might be a bit familiar.

Reddit | tannerdixon5

It's kind of hilarious and totally on brand if you think about it for a minute. Maybe it'll help teach men to aim for the toilet

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11. There's a young boy in New York City who wanted to try selling something other than lemonade.

Reddit | EnterJackFrost

So he offered to give some emotional advice to people passing through the station. This kid is going to make millions one day, or else get sued for practicing without a license. Let's see how this one plays out.

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12. This seems like a pretty ordinary vintage photo of some random cat.

Reddit | alien_substance

It's actually one of the first photos ever taken of a cat and it was taken back in 1880! I'm a dog person, but even I'm impressed.

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13. A bit of a new road in Glasgow was ripped up and revealed a part of its history. 

Reddit | velvetelvis795

I really wish that towns and cities were able to keep more of their cobblestone roads, they give the town so much character.

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14. I'm not much of a hugger, so this machine definitely seemed super weird to me at first.

Reddit | 10au192

But, if you give it a hug, it'll give you a soda. And because I'm cheap AF and love anything for free, I'd get over my issues with hugs and do it anyway.

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15. This used to be a soccer ball, until a couple of pink-hating chickens got to it.

Reddit | roots_rock_reggae

For some reason, the chickens decided to peck at just the white parts of the ball, but left the pink areas intact.

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Well, those were certainly some interesting backstories!

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