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9+ Times Photoshop Tried To Fool Us

Photoshop can be such a useful tool. I mean it can take away some imperfections and make us feel a bit better about ourselves. But when taken to the extreme it's not only unhealthy but also can end up making us look pretty stupid at times.

Here are a few examples of badly done Photoshop jobs that wanted to fool us, but sadly didn't.

1. Natural Beauty

Reddit | KirkyMcTurkey

Ha, ha, ha, with a slogan like, "natural beauty that looks untouched' why is this model looking extremely, and may I say, unnaturally slim here?

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2. Elongated

Reddit | frenchi_love

Something is definitely amiss here because I don't think people have arms as long as this girl does. She tried to fool us but no she didn't.

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3. Too Much Perfection

Reddit | dljones1

Because we all take baths in our bathtubs right in the middle of our living room, right? And while the ocean is in the background. Also, what is going on with her legs?

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4. Wrong Proportions

Reddit | NoveliBear

Everything would be okay about this advertising if it wasn't for the fact somebody didn't really figure out the correct proportions with these teeny-tiny sunglasses.

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5. Advertising Failure

Reddit | louise8bit

I have taken one of these for a ride and I can tell you that this photo is not an accurate description of that experience.

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6. How Many Belly Buttons Do Humans Have?

Reddit | jianantonic

Is it two? I think it might be two. Yeah, just give her two belly buttons. That seems about right to me.

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7. Sunglasses At Night

Reddit | superlazyninja

I understand some companies can't really invest in hiring real models to showcase their products but this blatant Photoshop disaster is just embarrassing. Come on!

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8. Does He Even Lift?

Reddit | Tompster_

I don't know who this guy thinks he's fooling with his gym progress photo. This weirdest part to me is that someone else took this picture for him and obviously knows he doesn't look like this — did he not get called out?

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9. What Is Wrong With This Picture?


I can count the ways! For starters just look at her hand position and her belly. And then her butt. I feel sorry for whoever tried to shop this pic.

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10. She's Got Legs

Reddit | Probablyjeffery

Whoever made this image clearly thought they could just use the legs from one shot and the body from another to create this big, sideways-legged monstrosity.

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11. The Case Of The Missing Purse

Reddit | VerGuy

I think this model was holding a purse at one point, but I have no idea where it went. Now she just has those handles to remember her lost bag by.

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13. Where Do I Even Start


With her impossibly tiny waist? Her incredibly long arms? There is just so much going on in this photo and it's all wrong.

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14. Does No One Know What The Female Body Looks Like?

Everyhting But Water

This poor model's legs look so... off. I think they were trying to make a thigh gap but it didn't quite go as planned.

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15. Amazon Fail

Reddit | u/reallivebathrobe

So this guy is definitely not wearing that shirt — it looks like a life-size cardboard cut-out. Well done, Amazon. Why do they think this is even okay? Beats me.

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16. Flowers All Up In My Face


What is this? Really, Allegra? How can this possibly be a real ad? Who approved this? This isn't fooling anyone. Next!

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17. You're In The Doghouse For This One

Reddit | RavenTheFox

That dog is DEFINITELY not on that bed, unless to save money you got a cardboard cutout of a dog instead of a real one. On the plus side, they do shed less.

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18. Fake Four-Pack

Reddit | JKiddo

Who is this guy trying to fool here? I bet he was seen guzzling up a few beers down at the pub just yesterday. LOL!

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Oh boy, even after seeing so many of these Photoshop fails all over the place people still seem to be doing this.


Haven't they learned their lesson yet? Guess not!

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