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16+ Pics Of Nature That Show Its Dark Side

mason.zimmer 4 Jun 2019

I'll admit that I don't spend anywhere near as much time outside as I probably should. I could make the excuse that my area has been either cold, rainy, or both for much of the last few months, but that usually doesn't make much of a difference.

In reality, it's just that the indoors give me the ability to set the temperature to wherever I want it and sit on something very comfortable while I do it. There's a relaxing, serene feeling that only nature can provide, but it can also be easy to forget sometimes.

And that's especially true when it coughs up scenes like these that are neither serne nor relaxing.

1. It's hard to tell how this gazelle got into this situation, but it's hard to blame it for not seeing a way out.

Reddit | MisterHdrubel

When three incredibly fast and large cats are already surrounding you, it's not like running is an option and fighting probably won't accomplish much either.

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2. The day's already not going well for this little penguin, and it's probably about to get worse.

Reddit | Pardusco

If there's a worse situation than having hungry animals surrounding you, it's hanging upside down in the claws of one hungry animal that can fly.

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3. It's a little hard to tell what this wasp is eating, but it probably wouldn't have been when it started.

Reddit | ovationman

That's because it's munching on the head of a potato beetle, but it'll probably get to the rest of the body lying next to it soon enough.

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4. Unfortunately, many of us are very familiar with the damage a tornado can do, but its path of destruction extends beyond its cost to humans.

Reddit | Red-Hot-Cinnamon

As we can see by the swirling "scars" it left behind, this twister in Illinois was a big one and it pounded the ground hard.

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5. These jumping spiders have no issue with eating each other, but it goes a little deeper than hunger.

Reddit | sttpz

According to National Geographic, if a female spider really doesn't like the mating dance that the male is doing, it's not uncommon to straight-up devour him for his trouble.

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6. Yup, there's nothing suspicious about how chummy this hawk is being with this squirrel.

Reddit | papa_sage

I mean, what could possibly happen? The hawk starts eating the squirrel as soon as the photographer's back is turned?

Why, there's nothing in the squirrel's eyes to suggest that! They aren't quietly saying, "help" at all.

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7. Apparently, nobody won in this fight between snake and toad.

Reddit | El_P1mp10

That foam seems to indicate that the snake died from the poison in the toad's skin, but the toad apparently also died from the snake's venom.

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8. There was a much clearer winner between this African rock python and this impala, though.

Reddit | Pardusco

It's hard to notice at first, but the impala is in an even more hopeless situation than it seems.

After all, that's not just some extra snake skin surrounding its body, that's the snake's mouth.

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9. Whether this spider is dangerous to humans or not, it has a good way to make sure none of us bother it.

Reddit | LAN-down-under

We've been trained since we were toddlers to treat a skull symbol as a sign that messing around with something is a bad idea and this guy is taking full advantage of that fact.

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10. Some people were nervously wondering what this is, but the answer isn't as scary as they thought.

Reddit | laverynelson

This is like a rubber eel, which is a member of the caecilian family. These are amphibians that spend much of their time underground and are known for having sharp teeth.

They can also have toxic glands in their skin, but this shouldn't matter too much as long as you don't try to eat them whole.

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11. Cats may do very well against birds, but they're not always the winner in that fight.

Reddit | AwayBvvcbczbbxcc

I suppose we can't quite call the battle over yet, but this owl definitely seems to have the upper hand here.

Some birds are a little too big for the average cat.

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12. The uploader had the misfortune of walking through a forest where almost all of the plants had spikes, but this seems extreme even for that place.

Reddit | GoldenRod4HStone

Using leaves as toilet paper is often a risky proposition, but here's another reason to examine one carefully before you do that.

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13. It's hard to tell how this situation started, but this Cape buffalo is clearly not happy with that baby elephant right now.

Reddit | RoeHogan

The mud could be sign of what happened before this was taken, or it could be incidental. All we know is that the mama elephant is not going to like this.

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14. Something tells me this isn't how this black faced vulture expected its day to go.

Reddit | Pioneiroeiro

Somehow, it ended up in a losing battle with a yellow anaconda and even the vulture seems like it's unsure about how it got there.

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15. Although it's usually over when a snake fits something down its throat, that isn't always the case.

Reddit | ScoobyAfffffdy

For instance, this equally terrifying giant centipede was somehow able to chew its way out the snake's body.

Unfortunately, its victory was short-lived as it apparently died before it could get out. This is likely because it got stuck.

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16. If you see these clouds, not to worry. They look scarier than they really are.

Reddit | rebirthofnova

According to the Universities Space Research Association, these are undulatus asperatus clouds.

Despite how turbulent they seem, they're actually more likely to come after a storm has already passed than to herald an incoming one.

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17. These teeth definitely belong to a dangerous predator, but it might not be the one you're expecting.

Reddit | SellHdrubel

Seals may be the adorable stars of aquarium shows to us, but a lot of penguins know them better for what happens after they bare these intimidating teeth.

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18. This view doesn't make it very easy to tell what kind of spider this is, but it's certainly an eye-catching one.

Reddit | Shocklatecola

That probably has to do with the fact that its pressing its markings against the window like a kid making faces, but it's guaranteed to startle anyone who walks by regardless.

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19. Even the fiercest moments in nature can be the most beautiful.

Reddit | flappytowel

Lightning is no joke and I definitely wouldn't want to be caught in a storm like this. But I have to admit, for someone so terrified of storms, this is actually a stunning scene.

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20. Even though they may be from the same family, it doesn't mean hyenas and wild dogs aren't threatened by one another.

Reddit | Dogs-Keep-Me-Going

I don't blame the hyena. I wouldn't want to be ganged up like this either.

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21. Hungry much?

Reddit | poopstry

It looks like this catfish bit off more than it could chew, literally. It tried to gobble up an armadillo, but it looks like it might have struggled a bit to get it down.

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22. A hummingbird is no match for a hungry praying mantis.

Reddit | Drapsag99

When praying mantises are in the mood for some food, there is nothing that is going to stop them.

After seeing this photo, there is no doubt that these bugs are pretty ferocious.

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23. This mama eagle risked her own warmth to protect her eggs.

Reddit | Tombre

She buckled down and braved a blizzard to lay on top of her eggs and keep them warm. This not only is a great example of animal extinct, but of motherly instinct as well.

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24. I think I've seen something very similar in a horror movie or in a bad nightmare.

Reddit | sakundes

This crab found what it could out in the wild and made this abandoned baby doll's head its home.

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25. Fruits and veggies don't need steroids to get this buff.

Reddit | jambags

This is a regular tomato versus a tomato that was harvested from 150-year-old seeds. Talk about being able to stand the test of time!

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26. This croc was no match for the ferocious and aggressive hippo.

Reddit | allthekos

Even though hippos are one of the cutest creatures on this planet (next to my own dogs, of course), they're surprisingly one of the most aggressive animals on Earth.

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27. Snails get hungry, too, okay?

Reddit | Cg407

Leave a magazine outside and you might come back to a half-eaten soggy paperback. These snails must have thought those trees looked mighty tasty.

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28. I've always thought nature photographers were brave for capturing some of the most captivating photos of nature for us to see.

Reddit | downvoteforwhy

There's no guarantee that the photographer didn't risk getting beaten up by their subject for taking unsolicited photos of them.

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29. Living on the lake is a dream for most people. We envision sitting out back, hearing the calming sound of waves hitting the coast, and smelling a bonfire going.

Reddit | insanezane777

However, when a winter storm comes through, something like this is what residents may actually have to deal with. Hopefully this house came with a defrost setting.

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30. If you look closely at the shape in this cloud, it might bring back some horrible memories while watching "Jaws."

Reddit | sholbyy

Or Sharknado for that matter. Thankfully it's just a cloud.

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31. Whether this deer is doing this on purpose or not, it's certainly coming with a look we don't see every day.

Reddit | kishankumar524

Somehow, it managed to spear this bird with its antlers and has since either accepted the fact that its quarry is stuck or started wearing it like a hat.

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32. Clearly, none of these bugs were in the mood for a swim.

Reddit | SablinkAfffffd

It's perfectly understandable that this pillar would attract such a creepy crawly following with that in mind, but the thought of touching it still brings on some serious squirms.

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33. When it rains, it makes a waterfall.

Reddit | pdidyking

I know that's not how the saying goes, but in this case it sure is.

It rained so hard that it turned these steps into a pretty waterfall.

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34. Ah, so THIS is where Drogon from "Game of Thrones" ended up. Mystery solved!

Reddit | Jackabeetwentytwo

Sorry for the lack of spoiler alert. Looks like he turned into a tree stump after all.

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