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11+ Hotels People Seriously Regretted Checking In To

Kasia M 31 May 2019

Traveling is at an all-time high right now. Whether you travel for work, leisure or to study, most of us have stayed at a hotel at one time or another. And most of the time everything goes as planned. But nobody is really prepared when their travel stay goes awry.

Check out these less-than-pleasant hotel surprises no one should ever encounter.

1. A Scary Headboard

What actually happened in this hotel room for this headboard to look like this? Maybe someone was having a visit from Freddy Krueger. Not cool.

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2. When You Need Privacy

Reddit | thenewsslap

Hmm, is it too much to ask to have some privacy while in the bathroom? Call me crazy but this is not what I imagined.

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3. A Room With A View

I have to say I'm quite embarrassed to see this hotel in Poland offer a framed picture instead of an actual window view.

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4. When The Shower Is A Tad Short

I guess when it comes to hotel showers, they aren't always built to be "one size fits all". That's pretty unfortunate for this guy.

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5. Safety First

It's nice to see that this hotel offers extra security features like this handy door latch. Oh wait, how is this supposed to work again?

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6. More Privacy Fails

If you can believe it this is the view of the room from the hallway. The room comes with a see-through glass door. What?

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7. Bad Towel Rack Placement

Because you always want to keep your dry towels right where you shower, right? Haha, someone clearly thought this idea through before implementing it.

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8. When You're Scared To Leave Your Room

Imgur | OctopussSevenTwo

I would be scared to walk down this hallway even while sober, but imagine having a few drinks and it's a disaster.

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9. A Nightly Surprise

When you end up with constant back pain after a supposedly restful night of sleep at your new hotel, just check under the sheets.

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10. Awkward Ironing Situation

This is one of those sticky situations you wish you traveled with a real-life MacGyver. Surely, he would work something out for you here.

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11. When You Desperately Need A Shower

I guess you might need to ask your next door hotel neighbor if you can use their shower because this is a no go!

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12. More Shower Nightmares

And how about this one? I don't suppose you should assume the shower comes assembled when you check in to your hotel? Guess not here.

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13. Inconvenient Design

Why would anyone place a towel rack right in front of the sink? How is one supposed to stand beside this and actually use the aforementioned sink?

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14. When Ventilation Fails

Hmm, I guess this hotel doesn't believe in ventilation or they just forgot to supervise whoever was tasked with installing this poorly implemented vent.

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This is why I'm always a bit reluctant to travel especially when I need to take a chance at staying at a new place.


Fingers crossed it all works out.

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