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23 Brilliant DIYs Made By Destroying A Soda Can

Diply 14 Feb 2018

Take a look in your recycling bin: How many soda cans (or beer cans!) do you have hiding away in there?

What if I told you there are a plethora of different ways to use soda cans to create something beautiful? From vases and planters to organization hacks and cookie cutters, you'll be grabbing those cans out of the recycling bin before you even finish this list.

1. Metallic Floral Vases

Muslin And Merlot | Muslin And Merlot

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. There is nothing gold (or in this case, rose gold) spray paint can't fix. I'm obsessed with how beautiful these vases turned out.

You'd never guess they started as crappy old soda cans!

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2. Crushed Can Vase

Pinterest | Pinterest

Too lazy to cut the top off your can, but still want something cool?

Paint them a beautiful matte color, then crush them with your hand and add a single flower. The result is oddly beautiful.

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3. Soda Can Herb Garden

Grillo Designs | Grillo Designs

Succulents and flowers aren't your thing? Well, give a little herb garden a try.

With a little bit of chalkboard paint, you've got yourself the cutest little spot to grow your fave herbs and impress everyone in your life.

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4. Succulent Garden

Polka Dot Chair | Polka Dot Chair

Sure, spray paint is great, but sometimes simple is even better.

The red of the CocaCola cans totally pop against the green of the succulents. It makes it even more beautiful, if that's even possible.

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5. Vertical Can Garden

Recyclart | Recyclart

If you love plants like I do, you've probably run out of room to put new pots in your place already.

So, let's go vertical! I particularly like how all the cans have different names on them.

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6. Custom Food Cutters

DIYsh | DIYsh

Why make just cookies in cool shapes when you could make anything into a fun shape?

Cut out shapes in bread, cheese, and meats and you'll have the cutest little sandwiches, as an example.

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7. Stamped Metal Sign

Home Talk | Home Talk

Would you believe this came from a soda can? Well, you best believe it.

By cutting out a piece of the can, rolling it flat, and stamping it with letters, you've got something hella unique.

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8. Stamped Planter Signs

Pinterest | Pinterest

The worst part about planting your own herbs and vegetables is remembering where you planted each one.

These stamped signs give that rustic feel every gardener knows and loves.

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9. Soda Can Camping Stove

eHow | eHow

This might be one of the harder DIYs on this list, but it's totally worth all the hard work (and possible burns...).

Get all the instructions to make this bad boy here.

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10. Tea Light Candle Holder

Pinterest | Pinterest

Whether it's for a holiday or just for inside the house, these tea light candle holders are totally cute, and really easy, too.

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11. Soda Can Cutouts

Pinterest | Pinterest

These birds would make a great addition to a backyard, or even a kids room. You could cut out all sorts of colorful creatures to customize any space!

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12. Woven Can Baskets

I Love Paper Beads | I Love Paper Beads

Can you believe these baskets are actually made with a soda can? Seems totally unbelievable, right?

AND, they're actually pretty easy to make, and super freaking cute to boot.

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13. Soda Tab Earrings

Thee Kiss Of Life | Thee Kiss Of Life

This is another thing my 14-year-old self would have been all over.

My grandma used to collect soda tabs to donate, but she'd also make a lot of really cool stuff like this!

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14. Soda Tab Embellished Earrings

How To Recycle | How To Recycle

These earrings look like something straight out of a vintage shop! The embellishments give it a funky vibe that make the fact that it comes from a soda can entirely indistinguishable.

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15. Aluminum Ornaments

Don't Eat The Paste | Don't Eat The Paste

These would make great ornaments for a variety of holidays, or they'd make pretty adorable earrings themselves.

The possibilities are actually endless when you've got Sharpies and some creativity on hand!

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16. Soda Can Mirror

Craftster | Craftster

While this isn't exactly my cup of tea, I had to include it because it's pretty freaking creative!

My 14-year-old self would probably be allll over this, though!

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17. Soda Can Leaf Wreath

Country Design Style | Country Design Style

Would you believe they made this out of soda cans?! This is one of the biggest transformations on this list, and I'm totally impressed. How amazing!

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18. Soda Can Roses

Pinterest | Pinterest

I love getting flowers, but honestly, it sucks when they die. When I was in high school, my boyfriend made me a rose out of a soda can and it's stuck with me for life.

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19. Concrete Tool Holder

Collecting Vintage Jewelry | Collecting Vintage Jewelry

Soda Cans make great molds for a variety of cement and concrete projects. I've made candle holders, and you can even make a tool holder for all your crafty needs.

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20. Cement Planter

Handmade Jungle | Handmade Jungle

Speaking of concrete craft projects, you can even make cement planters! These are perfect for your tiny succulents and cacti who need a cozy and crafty home. I've made a TON of these!

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21. DIY Soda Tab Frame Hanger

Apartment Therapy | Apartment Therapy

Who would have thought to use a soda tab to help frame your cool stuff?!

This hack is perfect because the soda tab holds all the weight!

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22. Soda Can Office Caddy

DIY Beautify | DIY Beautify

If you're looking for a way to showcase the cool cans you've been collecting (like this cute Diet Coke one!), think about making this super useful office caddy.

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23. How To Remove The Top Of The Can

YouTube | What's Up Moms

The key to most of these DIYs is to take the top of the can off. It's actually pretty easy to do, and you'll be blessed with some gorgeous projects in the end.

Learn more about taking the top off here.

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So who's ready to drink all the soda with me?

Giphy | Giphy

COMMENT with your favorite soda can DIY, and LIKE if you're going to try some of these this weekend!

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