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10+ Peculiar Animals That Are Becoming Popular Household Pets

Kasia M 29 May 2019

Pets can become as close to their human counterparts as some people having kids. They are our best friends and life companions. And we treat them as we would a close family member.

However, when we think of household pets we usually think of dogs, cats, fish or the like. But there are other more unusual animals that are gaining popularity in becoming household pets.

1. Capybara

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This South American native is actually related to the guinea pig. And it's the largest rodent in the world. Even though it's pretty big it's also very cuddly.

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2. Sugar Gliders

These adorable animals are native to Australia and come from a possum family. They don't get too big and love to live in pairs. And they're nocturnal.

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3. Jellyfish

Goldfish are so 2015. Jellyfish are in this year. If you were ever looking for an unusual aquarium animal you could definitely surprise your friends with jellyfish.

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4. Hedgehog

You wouldn't think of them as cuddly but hedgehogs are gentle animals that are also low-maintenance. Nowadays you can buy specially formulated hedgehog food mixes at pet stores.

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5. Squirrel

Even though it may be tempting, never take a wild squirrel as a pet. Only baby squirrels can actually be domesticated. But they will definitely need cages.

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6. Duck

Blame it on the kids for wanting an unusual pet. Ducks if socialized properly can definitely bond with their human owners. And they're very intelligent animals too.

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7. Skunk

I know what you're thinking but domesticated skunks' scent glands get removed at about 4 weeks old so that owners won't have to live with the stench. Good!

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8. Snake

Snakes are definitely pets not for the faint of heart. They require a lot of special housing and food so you need to be prepared for that.

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9. Lizard

There is a huge variety of lizards to choose from when it comes to household pets but for starters, a Leopard Gecko might be your best bet.

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10. Stick Insect

May seem like an odd choice but alright. They need tall enclosures because they like to hang. Also, they thrive on diet of bramble, ivy or lettuce.

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11. Kinkajou

They are also known as honey bears and are small, golden-brown rainforest-dwelling mammals. They're also active, curious, and like to get into things similarly to raccoons.

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12. Hissing Cockroach

OMG, I can't even. Take a deep breath. Okay, these insects some call 'love bugs' don't fly, bite, and the hissing sound they make is considered cool.

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13. Beetle

And for a less gross, for me at least, bug household pet why not consider a beetle. They will most likely need a terrarium with branches and twigs.

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Oh wow, I've had some unusual pets myself including lizards, Chinese mice, and snails but I draw the line at those. Well, maybe the sugar glider or kinkajou could work.

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