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10+ Pics That You'll Understand If You've Ever Shopped At Forever 21

Kasia M 21 May 2019

Forever 21 can be such an awesome store to find some true gems. But there are those times that a shopping trip there made you think you just wasted two hours of your life.

For those times, just know we too feel your pain. Here are some unusual things we found at Forever 21.

1. When You're A Commitment-Phobe

So I guess this T-shirt was made for those of us who just can't seem to commit to something all the way, but part-time vegan? What does that even mean?

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2. When You Send The Wrong Message

OMG, how ridiculous is this? Why ruin a perfectly cute red rose cap with this very awkward message? I don't get it.

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3. When Size Does Matter

I feel bad for anyone in this situation. I mean in this day and age how can you not accommodate different sizes is beyond me.

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4. When You Feel Cheated

Twitter | @VioletRain182

I guess not everything at Forever 21 runs true to size. What a way for a store to make you feel extra bad.

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5. When You Need To Go Back To School

Reddit | tortillaandcheese

I dunno if these guys are just messing with us or if they have totally lost their minds with this design.

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6. When Nature Calls

OMG, I've never seen anything like this happen in a store before. I dunno about you but I pretty much draw the line at this.

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7. When You Want Something Simple

Trying to find just a plain white T-shirt at Forever 21 is like finding a needle in a haystack. It just doesn't exist.

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8. When Even The Mannequin Has Given Up

Imgur | Saimot

You know things have really gone to the dogs when even the mannequin is having a hard day. LOL. Too much.

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9. When You're Super Confused

Wow, talking about stuff that's inappropriate. Who exactly is supposed to wear this and when? Looks like they're channeling 50 Shades in a big way.

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10. When It's Black Friday Every Day

This is exactly why I haven't stepped foot at Forever 21 in forever because I just can't deal with stuff like this.

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11. When You Like To Throw Away Your Money

Why would anyone spend $43 on this pair of sunglasses? I don't understand. Is it just me, or what?

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12. When They're Politically Incorrect

Obviously Forever 21 can't be bothered to hire anyone who can do some vetting before putting stuff on the shelf. This is so accurate.

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13. When They Have A Different Idea Than We Do

Imgur | rob0237

So apparently this is what Forever 21 thinks army attire should look like. Hmm, not sure this is appropriate.

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It's been a while since I've shopped at Forever 21 and I thought things were bad then but this is something else.


What were your shopping fails there? Please share.

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