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8+ Swimsuit Fails That Are So Painful To Look At

Kasia M 18 May 2019

As the weather is starting to get warmer and thoughts of summer are on our mind there's one fashion item we need to explore. I'm talking about swimsuits, ladies.

Swimsuit shopping can be a challenge, to say the least. So make sure you avoid these swimwear fails and learn a valuable lesson.

1. The Most Unattractive You've Ever Been

So the whole point of wearing a swimsuit is to look attractive. Am I wrong? Well, this is definitely not working.

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2. Taking It Up A Notch


This swimsuit really elevates the previous one.

You can feel like Borat in this swimsuit from Amazon if you were really feeling the inspiration this bathing suit season.

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3. The Girl Who Ripped Her Swimsuit Bottoms

Instagram | @eatenergizeevolve

Welp, this is less than ideal.

Ripping the seam of my pants is one of my worst fears, and now it's worse because I never thought it could happen to a swimsuit!

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4. Did She Order A Bikini Top Or A Bikini Top Necklace?

Instagram | @gooser2001

Online shopping is already horrible enough as is. To think you're ordering the right size, only to get something that's at least 10 sizes too small? I would be done online shopping forever.

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5. Tan Lines, Am I Right?

Instagram | @lamycakeslouise

This is a tan line that is sure to last the rest of the summer. Lucky her!

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6. When You Question The Model

Instagram | @juliannecondia

I know that pregnancy looks different on everybody, but something is definitely fishy about this "maternity" swimsuit.

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7. When The Size Isn't Even Close To Right

Instagram | @lamycakeslouise

We've all received the wrong size in the mail at some point or another, but this is just a little excessive.

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8. When You Run Out Of Material

Instagram | @melissablayton

This is what happens when you opt for that itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny bikini only to realize you really need more coverage.

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9. Awkward Tan Lines

I always look at these type of swimsuits and think, "How cute is this?" only to realize the tan lines from it would be absolutely hideous.

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10. The Creepiest Swimsuit Ever


Was I joking or what? Isn't this the creepiest swimsuit you've ever seen? This is giving me a serious case of the heebie-jeebies. Gross!!!!!

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11. A Little Sheer

Swimsuit material really doesn't last. I've had this problem at the gym many times.

But in a swimsuit, there is no barrier between you and the swimsuit.

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12. So true

Instagram | @ollivander.co

Seriously. Every time I wear a bikini and even make one small movement in water, there goes my top.

What is this sorcery and witchcraft?!

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13. Not As Advertised

Instagram | @fitterfingasfamily

As someone who can never find the right size for swimsuits, I definitely relate to this photo. The struggle is so, so real.

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14. Sexy Man Swimsuit

OMG, just when I thought the previous picture would give me nightmares I end up looking at this? And it comes in six different colors!

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15. This Is A No-No

Hide your kids, ladies, and gentleman, when this guy is on the loose. Ain't nothing stopping him from running your way. My eyes, my eyes!

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16. Going Strapless


This is proof that not everyone can go strapless when it comes to bathing suits. When in doubt, please for our sake get some straps. Case closed.

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17. All Hanging Out

Attention ladies with big busts, when you try on your bathing suit please ensure that you won't create an unintended sensation at the beach. Thank you.

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18. When You're Trying For Cute


Okay so not only women can make swimwear mistakes. Clearly, men need some serious help in this department as well. Not cute at all.

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19. Oh No, She Didn't

Instagram | @splash_bash

OMG, what exactly am I looking at? Is this a DIY CD bathing suit? But on second thought, what a way to advertise.

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20. How Is Anyone Supposed To Wear This?

Instagram | @confidentiallykatie

This swimsuit doesn't leave much to the imagination, does it? This poor woman just wanted a nice one-piece and got this instead.

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21. When You Reflect The Sun

Instagram | @onthedarksidetanningsalons

During bathing suit season, you either need to stick to a two-piece or a one-piece, or you could end up with some wild tan lines that can be mistaken as part of the swimsuit itself.

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22. When You Try To Reason With Your Swimsuit

Ha ha ha, when all fails just try this. Maybe your swimsuit will listen this year. It's worth a try.

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Just when I thought shopping for a new swimsuit was stressful enough now I have these images engraved in my mind.

Giphy | Target

I definitely have to think this through more carefully.

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