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16+ Times Nature Showed Us Why We Shouldn't Mess With It

mason.zimmer 13 May 2019

It's easy for us to get overconfident about our relationship with animals and nature at large. As a species, we've spent thousands of years both convincing ourselves that we're the masters of the earth and getting better at figuring out how to survive the challenges it throws at us.

And although we go to zoos to see how magnificent animals we'd normally never have the chance to meet are, we also know that we can only do this thanks to systems in place to bring them to us.

However, we suddenly feel a lot less protection from that system when one of them gets loose. It suddenly becomes very clear how much stronger and faster a lot of them are than us and it's hard not to start picturing scenes like the ones you're about to see.

1. This honey buzzard is daring enough to carry the whole honeycomb away no matter what the bees have to say about it.

Reddit | santibaby

And based on that angry expression on its face, it seems like they've got a lot on their minds. It's definitely going to need to shake some stingers out once it's done here.

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2. These eggs don't get any more pleasant once they hatch. In fact, you might end up wishing they stayed in the creepy eggs if you met them.

Reddit | Pirrelig

As long as everything goes according to plan, each egg will give way to introduce a bunch of brand new stink bugs to the world.

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3. Although this beach is certainly crowded, it's kind of hard to tell what's going on here at first.

Reddit | ChadBenjamin

What we're seeing is a pack of jackals and hyenas chowing down on a Cape fur seal while its former friends apparently ignore it.

They seem oddly unfazed about the possibility of being dessert.

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4. It can be a little hard to reconcile how adorable hippos look with how ferocious they actually are.

Reddit | bosstroller69

However, this photo of one of their skulls should go a long way to understanding why the rest of the animal kingdom takes them seriously.

Nobody wants to get caught in those tusks.

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5. The lion may be the king of the jungle, but to claim its crown, it has to actually grow up first.

Reddit | ooohcoffee

That prospect seems pretty unlikely for one cub now that it's caught in the talons of this eagle owl.

It's not a herd of stampeding wildebeests, but it'll do.

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6. It's pretty hard to find a non-creepy species of deep sea fish and the black swallower is a perfect example as to why.

Reddit | unexpected-item-

Not only does its face seem to tell us it wants a piece of us, but the fact that we can see the contents of its belly gives us all the evidence we need that it wants the whole thing.

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7. When a spider starts to work on its prey, it can sometimes be hard to tell where one ends and the other begins.

Reddit | TheDigitalRuler

This time, an orb weaver spider has caught itself a nice, juicy dragonfly. It was long past the point of struggling, too.

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8. This crocodile definitely gave the lioness a serious bite, but we can't exactly call the game yet.

Reddit | Jonaaab

Apparently, this croc is actually fairly small and neither the lioness nor her partner are likely to take this strike with a smile.

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9. Unfortunately, that blue stripe on the frog's leg gets a lot less pleasant to look at when you learn what it is.

Reddit | Rotsmut

It's unknown what exactly happened to this palmar tree frog, but we do know that the blue part is actually an exposed bone and leg muscle.

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10. I suppose this is because I don't usually eat my dinner live, but I can't remember the last time I ate something this angrily.

Reddit | ELTANK01982

This poor giraffe is definitely expressing the shock its going through, but the fury in that lioness' eyes absolutely commands all the attention here.

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11. When the snake has already made this much progress, it's easy to see that the salamander doesn't have too many options left.

Reddit | Jaerni

At this point, it seems that all it can do is struggle enough to make the experience of eating uncomfortable.

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12. Still, there's a reason why we often hear that snakes are more afraid of us than we are of them.

Reddit | gzcl

It turns out that a lot more animals can take on a snake than we might expect. This squirrel may seem cute to us, but it's proving to be this snake's worst nightmare.

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13. This beautiful zinnia just became the site of a pretty fearsome battleground.

Reddit | sayknow

Sadly, this would be the last time this honeybee got to pollinate anything before the fearsome green lynx spider made its attack.

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14. This is why that chicken hawk in the Foghorn Leghorn cartoons would be taken way more seriously once it grew up.

Reddit | Friendbaiir

This one may be calmly standing over its prey now, but the way those feathers are spread out gives us a lot of insight as to what happened before this picture was taken.

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15. It's not often that nature shows its beautiful and terrifying sides at the same time, but this lightning storm definitely accomplishes that.

Reddit | to_the_tenth_power

It's hard to even imagine how large those clouds must be if the lightning bolt seems that small by comparison.

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16. This wasp has been munching away for a while, so it's hard to tell what it's even eating anymore.

Reddit | wangahrah

All we know is that a lot of us are afraid of wasps when we're hundreds of times bigger than it, so it must've seemed like a flying Godzilla to whatever this used to be.

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17. Just imagine walking through a swamp only for this fearsome sight to pop out of the water.

Reddit | SlashFang

Sure, that snake is desperately trying to get out of the alligator's mouth, but in that split second, it would be hard not to see it as some kind of nightmare tongue.

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18. I don't know about you, but this is the first time I've ever seen a zebra make this face.

Reddit | Jonaaab

Not only does it make it hard not to want to pull it in for the world's most ill-advised hug, but it confirms that this is the face pretty much anybody would make in this situation.

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19. Think this is just a regular old battle scar? Think again.

Reddit | HeyImColeTastik

This bison was struck by lightening and lived to tell the tale, standing up!

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20. And then there's his hardcore brother:

Reddit | zer0w0rries

Yep — this guy was burned by scalding fore, and he's literally running away from a bear.

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21. When times get tough, this bird literally drinks the blood of other animals to stay alive.


Honestly? Metal as HECK!

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22. Just the casual size of a grizzly bear's paw.

Reddit | Pacific22

This is why everyone needs proper bear training while camping. You don't want a paw to the head.

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23. Oh, you've never seen a bleeding tree?

Reddit | Draco546

This tree has probably seen more than most of us, in it's day. Wonder what this battle scar is from...

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24. This is a lion fresh off the heels of a clearly successful hunt.

Reddit | PikachuGoat

And that's why they're the kings and queens of the jungle, y'all! Ain't nobody tying to mess with those chompers.

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25. Y'know, spiders might be small, but they sure are mighty.

Reddit | Schaule

This little octoleg caught a full on firefly in it's web — and that firefly is about 7 times bigger than itself! Truly wild.

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26. Apparently, chickens LOVE snakes for dinner.

Reddit | fcstiles

Here we have a feathery friend scarfing down a garter snake at the barn. A delicacy, perhaps? Or maybe just a choking hazard.

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27. It looks like these eggs are doing the poaching — or the pricking.

Reddit | Pirrelig

These stink bug eggs have protective spikes along the outer shell that keep 'em safe from hungry predators. Porcupine vibes!

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28. This tree has definitely seen better days, but everything went wrong for it surprisingly quickly.

Reddit | VerbotenPublish

That's because we're looking at what happens when a tree gets struck by lightning. It's not an uncommon sight, but we're usually too busy trying to get away to catch a good look when that happens.

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29. Okay, at first we might not all agree that these bugs ain't nothing to mess with...

Reddit | Stewart2017

Until you realize they're making sweet, sweet bug love while consuming a baby from another species! DAMN.

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30. A storm's-a-comin'... And it's TERRIFYING.

Reddit | nath749

Pictured above is a massive storm rolling in on Erbil, Iraq. this literally looks like a scene out of some apocalyptic movie.

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31. Not a fan of rain storms? Here, take this massive sandstorm instead.

Reddit | lunocio

This bad boy was rolling in to Afghanistan like nobody's business. What's even scarier? Sandstorms have winds that feel unimaginable.

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32. There's the iron throne in 'Game Of Thrones'... But in nature, there's the throne of feasts.

Reddit | Friendbaiir

This here is a chicken hawk posing atop it's finished meal... Another bird.

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33. Dinner is served for this Scottish sea hawk.

Reddit | xindigothoughtsx

And that dinner is a little lamb, unfortunately for Mary. What's really shocking is the sheer size of the bird in comparison to the lamb. It takes a powerful bird to do that.

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34. We're hoping this komodo dragon is just giving the goat a big kiss.

Reddit | xX_Kyle_DSouza_Xx

This is that moment while watching Planet Earth where you don't want the prey to die, but you also don't want the predator to starve.

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35. At first, it's hard to tell what we're even looking at, but the answer is pretty upsetting.

Reddit | Oriachim

As far as anyone can tell, a dog was chasing a small animal and accidentally crawled into this tree trunk about 50 years ago.

From there, it became trapped until it died and has spent the years since then mummifying.

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36. You know after thanksgiving dinner, when you can't move and start getting sleepy?

Reddit | Krugercliffs

It feels like that's exactly what this lioness is experiencing, except she fell asleep ON her dinner — which is a power move.

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37. These rushing clouds formed from hot gas and volcanic matter speeding towards this truck.

Reddit | box_cardinal_peanut

Nothing like the remnants of a volcanic eruption to get you to push the pedal to the metal.

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38. This might look like a cute area rug rolled up onto a leaf, but don't be fooled!

Reddit | Triggercut72

Apparently, it's actually a flannel moth catarpillar, and within moments of contact to skin, the onset of "intense throbbing pain" begins. Yikes.

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39. One last reminder that nature ain't NOTHING to mess with. Ever.

Reddit | to_the_tenth_power

Here's a fully grown eagle attacking a wildlife photographer. While we appreciate the photo, we can't help but feel happy that it ain't us.

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