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People Can't Stop Talking About Cardi B's Abs At The BBMAS

The Billboard Music Awards took place last night and the festivities were sexier than ever.

There was Halsey's steamy performance, Madonna's super sculpted legs and even BTS' Junkook flashing his abs.

But it wasn't just JK's abs that people couldn't stop talking about.

It should be known that Cardi B has always been a sex symbol.

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The stripper-turned-rapper has never been shy to talk about her banging body and the fact that she paid to enhance certain assets.

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Cardi's got nothing to hide.

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In an interview with VLad TV, Cardi owned up to getting her breasts done because she "felt like it was a necessity to get them done" as a stripper. She also mentioned getting illegal and potentially life-threatening butt injections in the past.

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When Cardi became pregnant with her baby girl Kulture, naturally her body went through some changes.

In a post-pregnancy interview with Entertainment Tonight, she opened up about how hard it was to lose the baby weight.

"My daughter f--ked me up!” she joked.

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Cardi also revealed that she had her breasts redone after giving birth.

The snap-back struggle is very real and Cardi's transparency shows that not even celebs are immune to it.

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And let's be real here, It hasn't been very long since she's given birth.

It was just one year ago when Cardi attended the MET Gala while being very pregnant with baby Kulture.

Now the star is flaunting rock hard abs just 10 months after giving birth that hardly suggest she ever had a child at all.

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Clearly, having a mommy body hasn't stopped Cardi's grind in the slightest.

Since giving birth to baby K, Cardi has shared sneak peeks into her post-partum fitness journey on her social media accounts.

In an Instagram video 4 months after giving birth, she showed off an already impressive stomach. She told her followers that she planned to drink weight loss teas, do waist training and more to get even more fit.

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This wasn't the most popular move.

Twitter | @jameelajamil

Actress and body positivity advocate Jameela Jamil took to twitter to criticize Cardi for promoting weight loss teas.

But you can't stop Cardi. Her post-baby weight loss journey continued.

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And it looks like she's finally hit her goal.

Instagram | @iamcardib

The rapper graced the red carpet at the BBMAS in a stunning yellow Moschino 2-piece.

She accessorized her outfit with a pair of dazzling over-sized earrings, a middle part hairstyle reminiscent of Cher and a set of chiseled abs.

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Some people took to the comment section and tried to suggest that Cardi's abs are fake.

"She lied about she didn’t get surgery after the baby. That’s definitely a lipo am looking at. I know the difference. Idk why these people be lying smh," commented one person on Instagram.

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But, upon closer inspection, it appears as though her abs might be all real.

Getty Images | Kevin Mazur

Personally, all I really see here is some body shimmer and a belly button of someone who once had a baby and a navel piercing.

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The rest of her fans, however, can't stop stanning over her amazing post-baby body.

Some people were questioning where they could get the CardiBody workout plan to get her new body.

Another person tweeted, "Bruh @iamcardib I need your figure. Look at those abs... I never had a child and my body still never looked like this...."

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Cardi's abs weren't the only body part of hers that had everyone talking.

Getty Images | Steve Granitz

The Bodak Yellow star engaged in some serious PDA with hubby Offset on the red carpet but it appeared that she had a wardrobe malfunction.

Cardi later posted and deleted a video anatomy lesson on her Instagram page to explain what people really saw.

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And she did it in the most classic Cardi way possible.

“First of all, that ain’t my p---y, my p---y right here. This where I birthed my daughter from. This right here, the part that shows, you know when I’m going like this? That’s just my ass," she said in the now-deleted post.

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No matter what, Cardi never ceases to entertain us.

You've got to hand to the woman. She went home with 7 Billboard awards and just had a baby less than a year ago, all while looking FIRE. Okurrr?!

Cardi whenever you're ready to drop that workout plan we are ready!

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