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Teacher Says Sorry For 'Offensive' Easter Invite: 'Do Not Want Any Dark Bunnies'

Lynne Versluys 4 Apr 2019

This sensitivity faux pas angered some parents in South Carolina.

An Easter Celebration

Unsplash | Annie Spratt

Easter is approaching, and that means that plenty of egg-based celebrations are on the way.

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A Poorly Chosen Phrase

Unsplash | Waranya Mooldee

One elementary school in South Carolina is facing backlash after a thoughtless email from a teacher about an upcoming Easter celebration.

Music teacher Crystal Still at Ninety-Six Primary School sent out an email about costumes for the event, saying "Please use very light (white, tan or light grey only) clothes for the bunny... we don't want any dark bunnies."

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Angry Parents

Unsplash | Sandy Millar

The poorly chosen phrase caused quite a stir amongst the parents, many of whom thought it was exclusionary and "very offensive."

"Children and parents (especially brown parents) see it another way."

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An Apologetic Teacher

Ninety Six Primary School

Still apologized, sending a letter to parents saying:

"I am so sorry if it offended anyone because that was certainly not my intent. I was referring to the clothing that the students need to wear for the program so that they will all look 'spring-life' dressed in light, spring colored clothing. I am sorry that I did not explain that correctly."

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A Statement From The Superintendent

Unsplash | Ben White

Rex S. Ward, the superintendent of Greenwood School District 52, also released a statement to Yahoo Lifestyle apologizing for the situation.

"Greenwood 52 School District admits that better wording could have been used and apologizes to all the people it offended. The intent of the line was to discourage students from wearing dark clothing. In the previous and following lines, the teacher refers to the color of clothes the students need to wear for the performance."

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Think Before You Hit Send!

Unsplash | Mad Fish Digital

Hopefully the brouhaha has passed and the children are free to enjoy the Easter festivities. Lesson learned: always double check your emails before sending.

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