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HBO And Oreo Created An Incredible Title Sequence Using Nearly 3,000 Cookies

Lynne Versluys 4 Apr 2019

Westeros has never been more delicious.

Truly Iconic Opening Credits

There are a lot of amazing things about Game of Thrones -- complex characters, dragons, awesome battles, dragons -- but lowkey one of the best parts of the series is the opening credits. From the iconic theme music to the stunning visuals, it's an awesome trip through Westeros to get viewers totally pumped before each episode.

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A Truly Iconic Cookie


Speaking of awesome things, is there a better brand of cookies than Oreo? I think not.

Now, imagine the two things combined. Oh yes, my friends.

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A Perfect Combination

Yes, Thrones fans, HBO and Oreo have teamed up for a Westeros themed cookie, and even created a version of the opening credits made completely out of cookies.

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How It All Came Together

Giphy | undefined

How exactly did they make a perfect replica of Winterfell in that video? By using nearly 3,000 cookies.

Yep, that video required 2,750.

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A Delicious Collaboration


The limited edition Game of Thrones cookies hit shelves on April 8th, complete with designs of House Stark, House Targaryen, House Lannister, and the Night King.

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The Perfect Snack For Your Premiere Party

Giphy | Sky

While pigeon pies and lemon cakes might be the popular pastries in Westeros, these cookies are the best snack for your premiere party or for you to stress eat while waiting to see the fates of your favorite characters.

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