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Conor McGregor Under Fire For 'Racist' Tweet About Khabib's Wife

Lynne Versluys 3 Apr 2019

MMA fighter Conor McGregor is in hot water after making a racist comment about rival Khabib Nurmagomedov's wife on Twitter.

A Bitter Rivalry

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MMA fighters Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov have a long and bitter rivalry.

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Crossing The Line

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McGregor crossed the line on Tuesday night when he made a hostile, racist joke about Nurmagomedov's wife on their wedding day. McGregor tweeted and deleted "Your wife is a towel mate," a snide comment seeming to denigrate the traditional clothing of the Nurmagomedovs' devout Muslim faith.

He followed it up with a tweet calling Nurmagomedov "a scurrying little rat" and that he wasn't afraid of a fight. Yikes.

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Immediate Backlash

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People immediately called McGregor out for his insensitive tweet, making it clear that they would not support such seemingly racist behavior.

"You're a racist scumbag for calling Khabib's wife a towel. You may have deleted the tweet but it's too late. I pray for your own good you never cross paths with him or it's game over for you, this time possibly for good 'mate'. Actions have consequences."

"Conor McGregor is a man with no dignity or honour... that's it... just look at the racist Islamophobic comments."

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Tired Of Excuses

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This is not the first time McGregor found himself in hot water over racist comments. His comments over his rivalry with Floyd Mayweather also drew criticism. People online pointed out that this was a troubling pattern for the MMA champion.

#ConorMcGregor is a massive racist. Though we knew he was already, he has just stepped it up a gear. We know full well what happens when that kind of language is normalised.

Remember when people tried to argue that Conor McGregor isn't racist and the things he said were just 'banter'.

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Khabib Fires Back

Khabib fired back on Twitter, posting an intense tweet promising retribution.

Rapist, you are Rapist. You are a hypocrite who is not responsible for your actions. Justice will find you. We will see.@TheNotoriousMMA

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A Manager's Warning

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Khabib's his manager, Ali Abdelaziz, made a statement to TMZ denouncing McGregor's remarks, interpreting them as a slight made against all Muslims.

"Talking sh-t, this guy is insulting someone’s wife and making fun of her religion and belief. He doesn’t realize he’s insulting 1.5 billon Muslims. Religion and family is a no no. You’re f-cked Connor, let’s see what the media is going to say now. He’s a rapist, and a bitch."

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