Target Is Selling A Giant Rainbow Sprinkler To Make Summer Even Brighter

The earlier something happened in our childhoods, the harder it is to remember, but one memory of visiting my uncle's place when I was about three years old stands out.

Part of the reason that summer stay sticks out is because I thought it was hysterical when one of my cousins broke the tether-ball and started kicking it around the yard, but I also had an extended session with Uncle Henry's sprinkler.

Whether I was excitedly running through or just letting it wash over me, it took me hours to get tired of it.

So there's no telling how tough it would have been to drag me away from the kinds of equipment that we can get today.

If there's one thing that can possibly be underrated about sprinklers, it's the part where they sometimes leave a rainbow behind.

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If it didn't already feel good to cool down in a fun-filled romp through one of these, they add a little extra color to a lovely summer scene.

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But those happy little rainbows obviously stayed in somebody's memory because they made a whole sprinkler system out of them.


While a lot of sprinklers are more obviously designed for lawn-watering than play, this one is almost begging for people to run through it.

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And the good news is that since it's about six feet tall, it's not only kids who get to enjoy it.

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As someone who is just slightly above that height, I can only guess that we're going to have to crouch down as we run through.

Just make sure that everyone else makes a nice runway.

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After all, there's a good chance that running into it will take us down instead of the sprinkler.

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That's because, as Target's website says, it comes with lawn spikes to "keep the clouds from floating away."

That said, it also weighs only about seven pounds, so testing its strength may not be a good idea.

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So if this sounds like the perfect way to celebrate summer, you can grab it from Target for about $100.


According to Insider, however, stock for this item seems to sell out fast so you may end up having to check at your local store.

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But if you can't get your hands on one, a similar sprinkler is available at Amazon.


According to their website, it should attach to your garden hose just as easily as the one from Target, but it doesn't mention lawn spikes and it's also only five and a half feet.

That said, it also only costs about $50.

h/t: Insider

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