9+ DIYs That Turned Trash Into Treasure

I have to admit that I haven't really mastered DIY projects quite as well as some people have. So I really give props to those who can transform what some can only see as trash into pure treasure.

Learn a lesson or two from these awesome upcycling projects that turned old stuff from the thrift store into cool, useful, and stunning pieces.

1. Sometimes an old chair has so much charm and potential that, in the right hands, it can turn to something fresh and modern.

YouTube | HGTVHandmade

Just check out this beauty.

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2. How unique and adorable is this hand-painted farmhouse-style coffee sign?

It was actually a lazy susan turntable that was upcycled to create this pretty and fun design.

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3. Looking to make a cleverly designed and different candelabra?

I really dig this upcycled mason jar idea. I would have never thought of using mason jars to create this.

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4. Who knew that an old table could look this good?

Mr. Kate

This was done by decoupaging it using an artist's sketchbook on the subject of the human body. Gorgeous!

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5. Sometimes you never know what gem you might find at the thrift store.

Fox Hollow Cottage

Check out this old chair that got the pink velvet reupholstery treatment. What a difference!

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6. I've never seen a wooden trash bin.

This is such a unique piece. And with a fresh coat of paint and a shine job, it definitely stands out.

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7. And how about turning an old dresser into a farmhouse-inspired TV stand?

This is such a neat idea and I love how they gave it a new purpose too.

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8. Speaking of nightstands, don't you think this carved wood one looks so old and dated?

Knock Off Decor

But with this white paint and new knobs, it really comes to life.

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9. Even an old, crooked lampshade can have a makeover.

Check out how cute this one looks with a brand new knitted lampshade. I love how creative this idea is.

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10. Just when you thought those old-fashioned ceramic pitchers were only good for grandma's kitchen, think again.

A fresh coat of paint is all you need to pretty them up.

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11. What's old is new again.

Here the furniture is repurposed to make brand new end tables by giving them some new paint and by replacing the handles.

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12. And how about this awesome idea?

Give your old items a brand new and updated look with a paint job consisting of white and gold accents. So glamorous.

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13. This is what happens when the perfect lamp is out of your price range.

Just get a similar style one and paint it over with the pattern of your choice.

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These DIY projects make it look so easy.

Giphy | Mother’s Day

I know it isn't but I'm so inspired now I really have to get myself to a thrift shop ASAP. Let's go!

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