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15+ Incredible Thrift Store Finds That Are Actually Really Impressive

Elizabeth Spina 19 Feb 2019

Shopping at a thrift store can be tedious, overwhelming, and sometimes not even slightly rewarding.

But if you're treasure hunting on the right day, at the right time, in the right thrift store, and luck is on your side, you might just stumble upon something cool as hell.

1. Pokémon Jr. Adventure Game.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't already own this, along with every other Pokémon VHS, game, and card that ever existed.

As you might be able to guess, I didn't have a lot of friends growing up.

My friends were Ash, Brock, Misty, and Pikachu. I've made my peace with that.

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2. This mirror.

A mirror like this, brand new, could easily cost more than $200.

But this one was probably a fraction of the price, it could be vintage, and it could have a cool story behind it.

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3. A denim jacket from the 70's with a note left inside.


This is amazing.

I'm going to start leaving notes inside all the pockets of the clothes I donate to thrift stores.

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4. Old Nickelodeon VHS tapes.

Pretty much anything that takes me back to the early days of my childhood is considered an impressive thrift store find.

If it makes me feel nostalgic, I want it.

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5. Vegetales 365 Day Starter For Girls.

I completely forgot that VeggieTales was a thing until this very moment.

I don't really know what a "day starter" is exactly, but I definitely want one now.

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6. A vintage Mickey Mouse sweater.

I know that Disney still makes Mickey Mouse merchandise. But it's just not the same. Their old stuff is way better. There's no argument there.

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7. An NSYNC t-shirt.

This is the corniest, most hilarious looking boy-band t-shirt I've ever seen.

It might as well just be JC and JT's head, since the other three contributed nothing to the group.

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8. A vintage Tommy Hilfiger puffer jacket.

It's funny how puffer jackets are back in style now, and they're probably available for less than $10 at your local thrift store.

Plus, Tommy Hilfiger is classic.

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9. Real leather combat boots.

Buying real leather boots brand new is a death sentence for your bank account. So I consider this to be an absolute win for whoever found them.

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10. A typewriter.

I doubt anyone would actually use this, since they're so inconvenient to use, especially if you're used to using the luxury of spellcheck.

But it's a great antique, and could definitely be used as home decor.

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11. "Space Jam" rug.

This is one of those things that I would love to own, for literally no purpose, other than telling people "I have a Space Jam rug from 1996."

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12. An original Polaroid camera.

Nowadays, even though we have full access to perfectly good digital cameras 24/7 on our phones, Polaroids are still dominating.

Owning a real one would be a privilege.

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13. Sega CDX.

I actually do not know what this is, but it looks cool AF and I want one. Don't judge me.

Vintage electronics are a thrift store must.

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14. This rusty old locker.

I honestly wouldn't know what to make of finding an old locker at a thrift store. But this person totally nailed it.

How did they manage to make something that's so ugly look so nice?

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15. These 1920's outfits.

Reddit | este_sinbottom

This would certainly be great if you were invited to a 20's themed dress up party.

Otherwise, kind of useless. But still very cool.

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16. This Nickelodeon clock.

Reddit | garageloot

Even though my cell phone alarm reliably wakes me up every day to whatever sound I choose, at whatever volume I want, this seems so much better.

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