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16 Hilarious Advertising Fails That Probably Got Someone Fired

Diply 21 Dec 2017

Marketing isn't easy. It takes a lot of skill and more than a little intuition to know exactly how to sell an item (or a company) to the masses.

Some of these advertising fails were the fault of the designers, and some are due to the placement, but no matter what, they're really, really not going to work.

1. Sometimes you're better off not naming your company after yourself.

Reddit | Reddit

"Raper's are the best customer service guys ever!" said nobody. Leave the ego at the door and name your store something else.

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2. There are lots of logos and slogans that like to replace a letter with an image or icon.

Reddit | kmeu79

But that doesn't mean that you should always follow that trend for every slogan.

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3. What should have been a cute doggo on the side of a bus...isn't.

Reddit | HomicidalSpammer

Instead, it looks like a weird wrinkly alien thing that definitely isn't doing its advertising job. Although, I guess people can't help but look at it, so perhaps it's a small win.

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4. Proofread, proofread, proofread.

Reddit | chipjefferson

With all the money you're spending to make and distribute your ads, the least you can do is spell your product correctly.

Unless "foors" is a cool, new type of hardwood.

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5. Somewhere there is a layout designer giggling over this.

Reddit | Reddit

I mean, it's awful and the accident is tragic, but the juxtaposition of the ad at the bottom is just so funny.

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6. Learn from Starbucks' mistake and be careful with company vehicles. 

Imgur | Imgur

This is an easy fix too. The "S" is already cut off a bit, so they could just make the font slightly smaller so that the word isn't on the door part at all.

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7. Really, just don't split any kind of text between vehicle doors or windows. 

Reddit | doubletheaction

You may end up with unfortunate mixed messages. Though, who knows, maybe these guys are just really honest.

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8. When restocking shelves, please make sure all former signage has been removed. 

Imgur | DeathrayToaster

Otherwise, you end up with some awkward conversations when the kids ask why Mom would want a cucumber for Mother's Day.

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9. Don't put the big Game of Thrones billboard above the sign for the nursing home, 'kay?

Imgu | phenomenalcosmicpowers

It just doesn't look very good and can really upset some people. Maybe opt for the "Winter is coming" slogan, instead.

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10. This choice of placing a billboard for The Walking Dead right next to a funeral home resulted in a public apology. 

Adweek | Adweek

The channel regretted the "unfortunate juxtaposition" and removed it.

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11. "Wow!" indeed. 

Reddit | sunshineandcloudyday

Something about this image is just the perfect example of a fail. Maybe it's the fact that the mustard bottles almost perfectly match the yellow sign advertising ketchup.

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12. You know, I'm sure that the Bible camp is fun and all, but maybe don't hang the sign there.

Reddit | LunaMcLovin

I mean, there must be a better place, right? Maybe on a bulletin board?

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13. "Opeaonning2017"? 

Reddit | Sugaa5543

Oddly, the message is still pretty clear, but someone really needs to have a talk with the guy hired to put it up. If "Nov 2017" wasn't a different color, it would be impossible to understand.

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14. I don't think this was the message they intended to send...

Reddit | Reddit

Maybe the ad was meant to go on the other side of the escalator. At least the plane would be pointing up that way.

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15. You just won't be able to quit these headphones. 

Reddit | mjpr83916

The first typo is a funny mistake. The second typo in the exact same sentence is just gross negligence on the part of the proofreader.

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16. Just no, okay?

Reddit | ahepperla

I mean, I get the idea of promoting healthier choices, but didn't anyone consider that such a sign could be upsetting to those who can't take the stairs, regardless of whether they wanted to? #Sigh

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