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People Are Realizing There's A Hack To Turn McDonald's Fry Boxes Into A Ketchup Holder

emily.mcwilliams 17 Jan 2019

For most people, McDonald's fries are the ultimate vice. We know they are not the healthiest option out there, but they taste so, so good.

The only problem? Up until now, it seems that there hasn't been an ideal way to dip your fries in ketchup, especially when using the drive-thru.

That's where this life-changing hack comes in.

I'm sure you're familiar with McDonald's fries.

Unsplash | JC Gellidon

They're crispy. They're golden. Some might even say they taste like a salty piece of heaven. In many ways, they are perfect.

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The only problem with these delicious, salty sides has been finding a way to dip them in ketchup.

Giphy | McDonald's CZ/SK

This becomes an issue when you're eating them in the car. There's just no good way to do it unless you want your hands covered in ketchup.

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People have shared their hacks for dealing with this problem in the past.

Reddit | ck291403

This Reddit user came up with using a drink lid to hold their ketchup. Pretty clever if you ask me.

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Others use the drink tray to hold those little ketchup cups.

Reddit | JTeeth

Well, one thing is clear, when it comes to finding new ways to hold ketchup, people are pretty inventive. Still, this could get a little messy in the car.

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Some people simply thought to ask for a gravy cup.

Reddit | dumnut567

It's smart, don't get me wrong, and you'll definitely get your money's worth of ketchup, but it's not the perfect hack.

You wouldn't be able to eat and dunk your fries with one hand using this trick.

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Behold, the ultimate fast food hack!

One Twitter user has discovered that if you bend the back of the fry box, you can make a little shelf for your ketchup that is perfect for dipping.

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I think it's fair to say that people are shook.

I don't think anyone had any idea about this. Why doesn't McDonald's advertise this hack? It would save a lot of shirts from getting stained by ketchup.

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For some, this was the dawn of a new day.

How often do these internet hacks really change your life? This one could alter your perspective on the entire world.

Well, I'm going to hit up the drive-thru now!

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