Internet Arguing Santa Should Be Female or Gender Neutral

Clark Sparky 15 Dec 2018

A company called GraphicSprings has sparked quite the Internet controversy by released a poll asking people if Santa Claus should be rebranded as female or gender neutral.

The Results

Giphy | Macy's

Four-thousand people in the U.S. and U.K. were polled for the survey, and 27 percent said they think Santa should be rebranded as female or gender neutral. This whole thing started when two women signed up to portray Santa at a Christmas festival in England.

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The Takes


Because this is the Internet, the takes on this topic are coming in hot. People have very strong feelings about the gender of this fictional character, many of which can be found on Twitter here. As you scroll through, you'll see tons of opinions from thousands of people with literally nothing better to do. Merry Christmas!

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Get Off The Planet?

There are some questions about how valid the initial outrage over Santa seems to be, but the reaction to that reaction is not in question. People are taking the bait and running with it, even hoping for those who want that to happen to leave the planet.

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Never Speak For Someone You Don't Know

Being offended for some marginalized group online is nothing new. That isn't to say it isn't noble and warranted at times, but there are moments where it reaches heights that it shouldn't reach -- like the Santa outrage.

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Made Up Outrage?

There are plenty who think the whole thing is made up. That's expected. Also expected, people asking where the outrage is about Jesus every year.

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Where IS The Outrage?

The thing about both of the Christmas controversies we've seen to this point is that nobody is out there protesting and rallying to have these things changed or kept the same. It's all online. It's all arm-chaired. It's all possibly manufactured.

Santa is merely the latest to get the whole debate treatment.

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Who Really Cares?


The bottom line here seems to be that either side of the outrage is pretty silly. Santa can be whatever you want it to be in your own house. If we have no issues with Santa delivering gifts around the globe in one night, elves that travel from your home to the North Pole each day, and flying reindeer, you shouldn't have an issue if Santa changes forms depending on the homes he or she visits.

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