People Share Their Simple Yet Powerful Life Tips

Dan 19 Nov 2018

There's more than one way to cook an egg. In fact, there's more than one way to do just about everything in the world.

Thanks to the hivemind of social media and the internet in general, we have more access to various tips, pointers, and alternatives than we've ever had before. So don't be afraid to switch it up a bit, because these tips might just be game-changers.

It's okay to dumb things down.

Unsplash | Patrick Tomasso

When you've got a great resource like Wikipedia, all of the world's knowledge is at your fingertips.

...Unfortunately, some of that niche stuff can be tough to understand. Fortunately, there's a dead-simple hack to make it more accessible. When you're on a tough Wikipedia page, replace the "en" in the URL with "simple." It'll immediately become easier to understand. This tip from Redditor FrenchJello seriously blew my mind!

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Here's how to responsibly turn in a locked phone.

Unsplash | Paul Hanaoka

If you find someone's locked phone, it'll probably be locked, and you probably won't have any clue who it belongs to. Fortunately, Redditor driven2it points out that you can return the phone to its carrier, who can then figure out who it belongs to through serial numbers and customer databases.

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Hotel irons: handy, but sometimes gross.

Wikimedia |

Most of us will find ourselves needing to use the iron and board in a hotel room at some point. Rather than just immediately going to town, try this tip from Redditor wowbobwow: let the iron puff some steam before applying it to your clothes. This is because gross deposits have a way of building up in hotel irons.

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If a service animal seeks you out, pay attention.


It's probably super cute, but don't let the cuteness distract you: Service dogs are specially trained to seek out other humans for help when their human is in trouble.

So, if a service dog approaches you without a person in tow, make sure to follow them and help! It might just save a life.

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When you bag it, double-tag it.

Unsplash | rawpixel

Here's some inside info from Redditor mellowkey: when they worked for an airline, they searched inside unclaimed bags to try to identify the owner.

With this in mind, combined with the fact that external nametags can easily fall off, make sure to include some kind of identifying information inside your luggage in addition to whatever's on the outside.

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Don't settle for higher fees.


Internet and cell phone companies are always looking for ways to extract more money for us. Complaining about higher fees doesn't really do much, but if you start talking about canceling, they tend to start listening.

So next time you're navigating their automated systems, make sure to state, loudly and clearly, that you want to cancel. They'll usually give you a discount to avoid losing you as a customer. This one comes from Reddit, courtesy of flux_capacitor.

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White noise not working? Try brown noise instead.

Unsplash | Jason Rosewell

Everyone knows that white noise apps can help cover the sounds that are getting in the way of your relaxation or sleep.

Reddit user roberta_sparrow notes that brown noise is just as easy to find as white noise, and it does a better job of blocking out resonant, bassy noises, like when your upstairs neighbor stomps around wearing boots.

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Don't argue. Discuss instead.


This sounds like a no-brainer, but it's helpful to understand the difference between an argument and a discussion in the first place.

Redditor Edenspawn shares this tip: Consider whether you're trying to determine who is right, or what is right. If you're trying to figure out what is right, you're having a conversation! But if you're trying to figure out who is right, you're probably having an argument.

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Librarians do more than just sort books.

Unsplash | Taylor Ann Wright

They might seem like your enemy when you're facing a mountain of late fees, but librarians are actually your friends. Being a librarian means being trained in proper research techniques, along with being a whiz at finding information.

So the next time you need to write a paper or just seek out random info, Reddit user homelessdreamer suggests a novel approach: Try talking to your friendly neighborhood librarian.

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Writing an email? Enter the recipient field last.

Unsplash | rawpixel

It's easy to accidentally fire off an incomplete email. Fortunately, it's also easy to avoid this. Even though the recipient field is first and foremost, Redditor Triblado suggests leaving it empty. Write your subject and the body of the email, give it a quick once-over, and only then add the recipient. This way, every email you send out will be nice and polished.

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Hack your way to learning a new language.


Becoming fluent in a new language is a long and difficult process. But it's deceptively easy to learn enough to get by.

If you commit yourself to learning the hundred (or so) most-used words of a specific language, you'll have enough to get by. You won't be fluent, but you won't be totally lost either. This one comes from Reddit user rishabhbector.

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Sending a résumé? PDF it.

Giphy | YoungerTV

When you email your resume as a Word document, it can sometimes be difficult for the recipient to open — and when they do open it, the formatting might be all messed up.

When you send it as a PDF attachment, on the other hand (as suggested by SableElephant on Reddit, it's super easy (nearly universal) to open, and the formatting is preserved.

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Cool face washes are always a good idea.

Unsplash | Tadeusz Lakota

Splashing some cool water on your face is great for a quick pick-me-up to shake the cobwebs off. But it's also good for anxiety, as highlighted by Redditor TimothyGonzalez. Doing this kickstarts a reaction known as the "diving reflex," which immediately calms you down by lowering your heart rate. This is a great tip for anxious people!

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If you can smell yourself, it's a bad sign.


Yes, it goes without saying that if you can smell your own body odor, it's time for a shower. But this same rule applies with stuff like perfume and cologne.

Reddit's termonikob points out that if you can smell your own product, other people surely are smelling it even more intensely. That means you're wearing too much.

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There's no such thing as too much blanket.

Getty Images | Andreas Dimzas

Yeah, it makes sense on the surface to buy queen blankets for a queen bed and so on. But blankets are comfy, and it's nice to have more than you need.

Oftentimes, bigger-sized blankets don't cost that much more. You can still make your bed neatly using oversized blankets, so there's really no reason not to maximize your coziness with oversized blankets. Thanks to Redditor malcolmcc for this great tip!

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Moving day? Try this.


Moving all your stuff to your new home is an insanely stressful experience, one that will probably have you searching for stuff for days or weeks.

Consider this tip from Reddit's campperr: Pack the stuff you'll want right away, like internet and TV equipment, bathroom stuff, and a few days' worth of clothes, into a "first day" box to make it all accessible.

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Cheap printers are not your friend.


Printers are easy to find for extremely cheap prices. These printers are inkjet printers, and they suck. Sorry to burst your bubble. Their ink drains quickly and is expensive to replace.

Instead, Redditor OberonGypsy recommends getting a laser printer. It doesn't have the ultra-low upfront cost of an inkjet printer, but it's cheaper — and way less of a hassle — in the long run.

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Walk this way.

Unsplash | Jad Limcaco

Everyone knows they should go for more walks, but many of us, with our sedentary jobs, can't find the time. Here's a tip, courtesy of Reddit user Austendo: Just freakin' do it.

Even a short walk will wake you up and put you in a better mood. For bonus points, try to get your heart rate up for at least part of the walk to give yourself a bit of a cardio workout.

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Want to quit soda? Don't overthink it.

Getty Images

If soda is your lifeblood, it's going to be tough to kick the habit. That's because, surprise surprise, sugar is super addictive.

The early going will be tough as you wean yourself off sugar. But once you're no longer dependant on it, you won't crave it anymore. Redditor Alvinkay points out that in six months or a year, you probably won't even want to drink it anymore.

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The IRS will never, ever call you.

Unsplash | Sergiu Nista

Tax season is a stressful time, and getting random phone calls from people saying they're from the Internal Revenue Service only adds to the tension.

Here's the thing, though: As Reddit user unhombremejor points out, it's always a scam. That's because the IRS doesn't phone people when they need to get in touch.

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Forget saying cheese.

Giphy | FilmStruck

If you're taking a pic of a group of people, telling them to say cheese often results in pained, unnatural-looking smiles. For a fun alternative that yields great pics, Redditor gmf24 suggests counting to three, then...just continuing your count. Eventually, someone will laugh, and laughter is contagious. You should get a bunch of genuine smiles instead of cringes.

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This is how you notebook.

Unsplash | Kelly Sikkema

If you prefer actual notebooks and journals to their electronic counterparts, you know that things have a way of getting disorganized.

You can prevent this with a dead-simple tip from Reddit user BiohackedGamer: Just skip the first page when you get a new notebook. Then, when you're done the book, you can use the first page to create a guide or table of contents for what's inside.

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Spilled wine isn't the end of the world.

Giphy | Lorraine Nam

I've always thought that the only way to deal with spilled wine on fabric was to sell your couch, or clothes, or whatever. But Redditor Oreoland has a much more reasonable response. They suggest lightly dabbing it, taking care not to rub it in, then pouring a bunch of salt on it, then waiting.

After a few hours, the salt will have absorbed a bunch of the spill, because salt is a freakin' miracle compound.

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Here's how to get apps to stop bugging you for a review.


If you have one of those apps on your phone that's constantly, annoyingly bugging you for a review, try this tip from Redditor alex2003super: Select Yes.

Seriously, tell the app you'll leave a review. Let it redirect you to the review page. Then bail. The app will assume you left a review, and it will leave you alone from now on.

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