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Watch Taylor Swift Rip Off Fake Eyelashes During Downpour Show

Andrew Roberts 5 Nov 2018

Never doubt the ability of Taylor Swift to take something simple and turn it into a "moment" for her fans to devour.

Friday saw Swift's Reputation tour head to Sydney, Australia and it brought the rains with it.

No Rain Delays Here

Don't think that stopped Swift from performing, doing the entire show in a downpour.

And one thing Australia does very well is rain -- lots of it depending on what part of the country you're in.

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Shake It Off?

It might be silly to focus on the small details, but Swift's fans can't get enough. It is impressive enough that she performed in the storm, but she didn't even worry about her personal decoration mid-show.

She just ripped those eyebrows right off.

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The Show Goes On

And she did it with some authority too. Some power behind it.

Like if we found out she planned the rain and the eyelashes, could we truly be surprised?

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Send Them Flying!

Fans couldn't help snatching some video of the show and the moment Swift ditched her eyebrows.

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Shaking It Off In The Rain

This could easily be the most iconic rainy concert since Woodstock '94. If Taylor Swift could've started a mud fight with the crowd by the end of the show, she'd have topped it.

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Of Course...

And if you think people were just going to let an iconic moment go by without creating a Twitter account for it, you were very wrong.

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