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24 Incredible Transformations That'll Make You Wish You Took The Time To Do Your Makeup

Diply 3 Jul 2018

Even if you're not super into beauty products, no one can deny the incredible power of makeup. I hate when I see tweets and comments from ignorant guys going, "Makeup is the biggest scam artist there is!" and "Girls wear way too much makeup!"

How about you just let us live, and just bask in the glory that is makeup? To sum it up, these people were all beautiful before, but their makeup transformations make us wish that we knew how to work our favorite products just a little bit better.

1. I don't know where this girl is off to, but it's obvious that all eyes are about to be on her. 

Instagram | @afomasbeautycorner

I think this photo proves that eyebrows really are everything. And hers (along with that metallic shadow and those voluminous lashes) are killer.

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2. There's nothing quite like a bold, red lipstick to completely transform someone's look. 

Instagram | @alinaagache

I love how they kept the rest of her makeup relatively simple to let the red lips really do the talking. Also, I must know what foundation this is. It's flawless!

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3. Yes, yes, and more yes. 

Instagram | @afomasbeautycorner

Beautiful before, and beautiful after! I think my favorite things about this breathtaking transformation are her strong, sculpted brows and that impeccable highlight job. I just might need the number for this makeup artist...immediately!

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4. Never underestimate the power of a great color corrector. 

Instagram | @serenaobeauty

I cannot get over how even and glowing her skin is. It's not often that someone rocks turquoise liner on the bottom lash line, but it was the perfect choice for this glam makeup look.

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5. Those eyes, tho. 

Instagram | @avant_apres_dxb

Are those her real eyes? Are they color contacts? I'm sorry — I'm just mesmerized. Moving on...

This makeup look is the perfect combination of subtle and glamorous.

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6. BBG is serving up some serious looks. 

Instagram | @leannemelodymakeup

In the wise words of the iconic Tyra Banks, "And smize!" According to the makeup artist responsible for this incredible look, she used the green color correctors in the Kryolan Dermacolor palette to reduce the redness of her scarring.

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7. So glam! So chic! 

Instagram | @nara_makeup143

A makeup look like this one is definitely not for the faint of heart, but this girl is rocking that smokey eye like it's her day job.

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8. From her brows to that foundation to her soft blush, I just can't choose which part of this makeup look is my favorite. 

Instagram | @yurigmakeup

I can almost see my reflection in that shimmering inner-eye shadow.

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9. A foundation with great coverage, a killer brow pencil, and some false lashes are always a recipe for makeup-based success. 

Instagram | @gina_badhen

How gorgeous does that pink eyeshadow look with her skin tone?

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10. This transformation is the definition of makeup being used to enhance one's natural beauty. 

Instagram | @geramakeup

Strong brows and a seamless foundation job are the focus of this impeccable, glowing beauty look.

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11. Can you say "wedding-day ready"?

Instagram | @babyymonicaa

Is this not a completely flawless bridal makeup look? There are certain occasions where false lashes are basically a necessity, and weddings are certainly one of them.

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12. sigh This makeup transformation makes me embarrassed at my personal lack of makeup skills. 

Instagram | @girlsaftermakeup

TALK about dramatic lashes. And that lip color! Ugh, I'm in love with everything about this look.

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13. That green smoky eye is a total showstopper, but his brows were already perfect before. 

Instagram | @zandersrealm

How do I train my eyebrows to do this? Is there some sort of class I can sign up for?

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14. It takes a certain kind of person to rock a magenta lipstick, and this girl is 100% that kind of person. 

Instagram | @monika_szymanska_

I love her subtle gold eyeshadow — it lets all of the focus remain on that super bold lip color.

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15. I've always envied people with natural freckles, but the "after" look is also beautiful.

Instagram | @transformationsmakeup

Her blush color is a perfect complement to her lipstick. And those eyes! SO striking.

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16. A blonde beauty before and a blonde beauty after! 

Instagram | @girlsaftermakeup

There's nothing quite like a dark, smoky eye to enhance striking blue eyes. And those brows! *sigh* This is a total vibe.

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17. Everything about this look is giving me life. 

Instagram | @pollyppcunhamakeup

This girl is the definition of a natural beauty. But some emerald green shadow, a peachy gold lip gloss, and fierce brows gave her a winning glam look.

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18. I must know which highlighter they used to create this look immediately. 

Instagram | @b_hair_and_makeup_

You can spot that shimmer and glow from a mile away. And that rosy lip color? To die for.

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19. There's nothing quite like a red lip to vamp up your look. 

Instagram | @mdghairandbeauty

I look terrible in red lipstick. I just do not have the skin tone for it. But this girl was born to rock a bright red lip.

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20. Okay, whoa. 

Instagram | @rinalatifmakeup

I think it's safe to say that her brows got the biggest makeover here. When makeup works to enhance someone's natural beauty, it truly is the best tool out there.

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21. Her brows were stunning to begin with, so they just look even better now. 

Instagram | @hkhairandbeautylounge

This is my favorite type of makeup look. Soft shadows, a subtle lip color, and seamless foundation.

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22. Natural makeup is the best makeup, am I right? 

Instagram | @vendulazachmakeup

Her earth tone shadow totally brings out her hazel eyes. And the complementary blush and lip gloss is a total win.

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23. Gigi Hadid, is that you? 

Instagram | @gorgeous2gosouthafrica

Seriously, though. This girl could totally pass as a Hadid sister. Anyway, her California-girl–inspired makeup is phenomenal, and now I want to go out and buy a coppery eyeshadow.

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24. And one more time: Soft makeup for the win. 

Instagram | @kcmakeupandhair

Those brows! Those lashes! This is an absolutely gorgeous wedding look.

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