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16 Times We'd Swear Designers Were Out To Get Us

Diply 3 Jul 2018

You know, I don't think design is an easy thing. I'm sure plenty of designers have come up with genius ideas in their heads that just didn't work out in real life. We all have to sort through tons of bad ideas to find the real gems.

But usually the bad ideas get caught before they can do any harm. These ones fell through the cracks, however, and they sure seem to be out to get people.

1. Whoever came up with the idea to make a glitchy, broken screen as wallpaper must have wanted to cause some heart attacks.

Reddit | BadAnd3z

But who would install that background on all of a school's Chromebooks to promote a free repair? Kind of a jerk move.

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2. So you're done playing your game on your phone, and you want to stop playing. Instead, you've unknowingly entered an endless game loop. 

Reddit | DeeDeVille

And that's how games get uninstalled, after you've figured out how to defuse the logic bomb.

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3. When privacy and design came into direct conflict at this restaurant's bathroom, design won hands down.

Reddit | SlipperySlothicorn

Just want to pee in peace? Too bad, you get rustic saloon doors that hardly even cover your face, let alone anything else.

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4. There is a special place in one of the lower, darker, hotter regions of Hades for the people who use fake money as advertising.

Reddit | thecmanfranklin

And even more so for people who would leave that as a tip for their server.

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5. This is some classic BS right here, raising expectations for many delicious caramels, and pulling the rug out from under you.

Reddit | Suavementeeee

There ought to be a law against such harsh cruelty.

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6. Speaking of things there ought to be a law against, how about this theater's menu?

Reddit | pedroordo

No prices, just the money you save on each combo. And of course you save the most on the most expensive combo. That's just filthy.

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7. Tormund Giantsbane is a great ambassador for Wyndham Rewards, but the person who put him on the key cards, not so much.

Reddit | seriouslymytenth

He's pointing up. The card goes in at the other end. Think anybody got fooled?

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8. Okay, so there must be situations where you want to put the ladies room next to the fire exit and give them similar signage.

Reddit | Gaijinloco

However, you have to think that the fire alarm goes off way too often thanks to confused dudes with bursting bladders.

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9. Many clock faces out there are different and fun and funky, but still legible at a glance.

Reddit | Luiz574

This is not one of them. Those numbers are an absolute mess, and it looks like they figured it out around eight.

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10. There's so much wrong here — are oranges such an exotic fruit that the label's designer doesn't know they're not strawberries?

Reddit | Tommorox2345

Bonus points for the handle that doesn't have a hole in it.

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11. There isn't much to argue about this train's drainage system — just the actual drainage part.

Reddit | T90Vladimir

Those are fine drains, well installed, no doubt about it. Unfortunately, the actual tracks are lower than the drains, so they've filled with enough water to halt all service.

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12. Okay, so it's a bit unsettling to see the bathtub's faucet so far off center, but that's not even the worst part here.

Reddit | yerbluez

That title belongs to the toe-breaker of a doorstop in the middle of the floor.

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13. I can't look at this wall randomly placed in the middle of a plaza without thinking "We don't need no education."

Reddit | PlanetElement

But apparently we do need an odd obstacle for some reason.

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14. This fence doesn't just separate two parking lots — it also interrupts the crosswalk between them.

Reddit | LizzyRooREAL

So either you're climbing the fence, or you're walking all the way around it to get from one side to the other.

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15. Pillars are absolutely necessary structural components — you're not going to get rid of them.

Reddit | therightcoaster

But you don't have to place the shelves in such a way that the cart can't get past the pillar.

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16. Again, pillars aren't going anywhere, but it's not like you have to put a seat directly behind one at the theater.

Reddit | UnjustAction

On the plus side, this guy wouldn't be lying if he told people he'd heard good things about the show.

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