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16 Situations That Could Probably Get Worse

Diply 3 Jul 2018

When you find yourself in a situation that might seem dire, the last thing you want to say is "could this get any worse?" Doing so is basically ringing the dinner bell for life to find a way to make things worse in any way it possibly can. These are situations that are either on the cusp of tragedy or are already bad with some wiggle room to make things truly awful. Happy reading!

1. There are a lot of layers to this, and I can't even begin to dissect them all.

Reddit | Waffle842

Suffice to say I hope that whatever material this gentleman's costume is made of doesn't catch fire easily. He's gone from boy wonder to boy blunder.

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2. This might not seem that bad, but consider the effects of what happens when an immortal genre-savvy mercenary acquires the powers of the Norse god of Trickery.

Reddit | SIMOOU

Speaking of which, do you think that Marvel's Loki knows about The Mask?

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3. You ever have such a rough night it feels like you're sitting on a flaming couch in the middle of a forest the next morning?

Reddit | AusMurray

Yeah, me neither. Here's hoping he wakes up before he goes from couch potato to couch french fry.

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4. It was at this point that Stewart considered that he took the phrase "lock my lips and throw away the key" too literally.

Reddit | totalinfonet

On the bright side, if you know anyone who has the same piercings and talks too much, you now have a response.

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5. You, uh, might want to consider walking if you come back to this.

Reddit | I_Can_Haz_Brainz

If you'll forgive the pun, you can now officially consider this bike to be a sweet ride.

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6. While I applaud their devotion to being able to grill anything, anywhere, I can't say I approve of their methods.

Reddit | FedExFacto

One errant splash, and the only thing getting grilled is the untanned trio.

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7. This is what happens when you're expected to bring watermelon slices to a potluck and bring cantaloupe instead.

Reddit | ReaKaptain

The Homeowner's Association believes that you have a very nice caravan and that it would be a shame if someone were to fill it with watermelons.

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8. It's no Running of the Bulls, but then again, America has a penchant for re-imagining traditions.

Reddit | skezixx

I have nothing but respect (and a little fear) for someone who goes around wearing cowboy boots and stars-and-stripes shorts.

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9. This could mean one of two things: either Uber's map is encountering an error, or Dinesh is actually a spy with an aquatic spy car.

Reddit | AwesomeAuhsoj

For the sake of making things interesting, I'm going to say it's the latter.

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10. This is what separates the boys from the men, the girls from the women: Would you pay more just to free it, or walk away in shame?

Reddit | Normie-Destroyer

I won't think less of you if you walk away, it might be the universe sending you a message.

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11. There are a lot of things that scare me (heights, small spaces, morning people), but nothing comes close to this.

Reddit | AlephNull-1

This is how Apple gets you to upgrade when it runs out of updates to send you.

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12. Even when you're dead, life still manages to find a way to screw you over.

Reddit | WalkingRolex

Either that or grandma is actually a vampire and everyone else's day is about to get a lot worse.

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13. This right here is what we call a no-win situation.

Reddit | ebjazzz

It's pretty impressive that they somehow managed to get it to fall like this, which is pretty much the only good thing I can say.

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14. This is an absolutely perfect opportunity for one of those good old record scratch, freeze frame moments.

Youtube | The Slow Mo Guys

"Yup, that's me. You're probably wondering how I wound up in this situation."

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15. First, the squirrel acquired a taste for fabric. Soon, it would taste the blood of man and find it sweet.

Reddit | RipplyPig

You can see it in its eyes. They're dead eyes, like a doll's eyes.

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16. When they said to take the stairs more often, this is not what they meant.

Reddit | Flyingforme

This is the last time that I pay for validated parking. What a rip off!

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