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16 Pics That Put The Aesthetic Over Everything

Diply 3 Jul 2018

In a society driven by social media, achieving the right aesthetic is an actual goal for some people. This specific magnitude of content cultivation and curation can be seen on Instagram daily, and sometimes, people take it too far.

In an effort to get more likes, comments, and shares, some eager beavers like to make every image they take aesthetically appealing but obviously strange. I'm not complaining about this phenomenon, though, because it makes for fascinating conversation — but it's still kinda weird.

1. Remember when fidget spinners were life and everyone NEEDED to have one, like, yesterday? 

Reddit | CatTablet

Well, apparently some people wanted fidget spinner–shaped everything. Way too ruin a sorta good thing, guys.

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2. When your mom is striving for an A+ aesthetic, you have two options to choose from.

Imgur | Bradalz1

Option 1: Run away from home and never look back.

Option 2: Embrace the struggle for Instagrammable perfection.

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3. If I hear the word "daddy" one more time — and I don't even care if it's used to identify an actual father — I am literally going to vomit. 

Instagram | @tatum.strangely

After all these disgusting sexual connotations, I can't even say this word out loud.

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4. Remember when salt was to be used as a seasoning and nothing more?

Instagram | @allanpachino

It was a good time. I think back to those days and realize that we took it all for granted.

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5. Because regular pumps just wouldn't be extra enough. 

Twitter | @connperignon

I can't even look at these without my mouth watering. I guess that's probably the effect she wants to have on people.

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6. When in doubt, always do it for the gram. 

Instagram | @hairbymisskellyo

If you wanted a regular haircut, then you wanted wrong. This is the only option for the aesthetically thirsty Instagram followers out there.

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7. I mean, I hate men too, but only sometimes. |

I can relate to this thought, but this is kinda dramatic. I bet she'll be covering that up once she meets Mr. Right.

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8. Crochet nails are the newest trend that absolutely no one should try. 

Reddit | invisiblylost 

Not only are they impractical, they are pretty damn ugly. What happened to a little polish and maybe some sparkle?

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9. I don't know how to feel about this. Much like those Cheetos, I, too, am in a pickle. |

Different strokes for different folks, I guess. I just have a hard time believing this was done for the purposes of consumption.

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10. I don't know if there is a picture that captures teen angst more than this one. 

Imgur | quinfinite

My guess is this guy probably wanted to look a little edgy, but unfortunately, he looks like a walking stereotype.

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11. If I had a nickle for every insane belt buckle I saw on my explore page, I would probably have like five bucks. |

Of course, all of them are outrageous and practically unwearable, but they exist nonetheless.

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12. Every "professional makeup artist" that runs her own Instagram account knows that the most impractical palette is often the most aesthetically pleasing. 

Instagram | @impractical_1

They don't actually wear those unicorn highlights out in broad daylight. Trust me, it would look a little insane.

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13. If under-eye tattoos are actually going to be a legitimate trend, please let me hibernate until it blows over.

We Heart It | We Heart It

Wait! I forgot tattoos were permanent and thus it's probably never going to blow over. SHAME.

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14. When he says, "send noods," this is what he means. 

Reddit | s_s_b_m

Just trust me on this one. I am submerged in internet culture. I'm basically staring into the eyes of the beast.

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TooPanda | TooPanda

You may think that hitting caps lock on that caption is just too much drama, but I disagree. It needs to be said.

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16. I don't even use Snapchat, but I've seen the fallout of this update, and I can definitely tell you it's been a bad time. 

Twitter | @macgardenhire

If you're a frequent user, you may get this. The rest of you are in the dark, just like me.

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