These Lime Green Nails Look Good Enough To Eat

Diply 27 Mar 2017

I'm slightly ashamed to admit that my entire wardrobe consists of cream, gray, black, and nude. For whatever reason, I've always seemed to think that bright colors and patterns don't look good on me. What can I say, I'm just a serious neutral lover! And although you probably won't find me rocking a bright red t-shirt anytime soon, I am open to experimenting with color when it comes to my nails. Lime green is such a fun, cheery color, and there are so many different manicure styles you can do with this shade of polish. So keep on scrolling to see six lime green manicures that look good enough to eat!

1. This lime green nail polish pretty much demanded a floral accent nail. This color palette is stunning. 

Instagram | @polisheddigits77
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2. This glittery and ombré lime green nail design is so eye-catching. The single rhinestones add even more glamour to this mani. 

Instagram | @xshe_nails_itx
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3. This pale lime green manicure is so soft and delicate. I love the sparkly, nude accent nails. 

Instagram | @leslies.gelnails
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4. I don't know what's more distracting: these leopard print, lime green nails or those stacked gold rings! 

Instagram | @nailsbyallix
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5. This lime green and teal nail design is just so much fun! I love all of the different patterns going on here. 

Instagram | @super_sassy_nails
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6. This glossy lime green manicure was given a cheery twist with a confetti-inspired accent nail.

Instagram | @_laura_perry
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