Magnificently Matte Nails

Diply 27 Mar 2017

As gorgeous as glossy nails are, sometimes matte nails are the way to go! They are so pretty and classy. Who doesn't love them? If you love matte nails, then you should definitely check out these stunning manicures. Some have sparkles, while others have gems. Needless to say, they are so gorgeous. Check out some matte manicure inspiration!

Nothing wrong with a glittery accent nail.

Instagram | @riyathai87

Adds such a glamorous look.

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I love the marble designs. 

Instagram | @sarahp898

So sophisticated!

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Matte nails with a glossy French tip.

Instagram | @nailartguru
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Peachy keen! 

Koees | Koees
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Those sparkles are pretty bright. 

Styletic | Styletic
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Mint green and gold go so well together. 

Cuded | Cuded
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