Geode Hair Is Mesmerizing

Diply 28 Mar 2017

The newest hair trend is completely stunning. So stunning that I was actually at a loss for words. It's geode hair, and I want to rock it. It's just so unique and colorful. Trust me, you will love it. Keep reading to check out this gorgeous trend that maybe you'll want to rock one day. So magical and trendy! Obsessed.

The inspiration behind it all! 

Giphy | Giphy

Can you believe that geode is the inspiration behind this cool hair trend?

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This would be perfect for the spring. 

Instagram | @hdresseronfire

Time for a changeup.

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Loving this subtle dye job.  

Instagram | @mizzchoi

So into it.

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The color transition is gorgeous! 

Instagram | @guy_tang

Pastel is so beautiful.

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I love this so much! 

Instagram | @hairbymuriel

The sapphire shade is just stunning.

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That's it, I want geode hair! 

Instagram | @hairbymarissakay
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