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12 Wine Hacks For Your Happy Hour

Diply 3 Jul 2018

Wine is as good as it gets. Or is it? Below are some hacks for wine that you won't know how you ever lived without. We included everything from opening a bottle without a corkscrew to what to do with leftover wine — aka what happens when you crack into the third bottle on a Monday. You're welcome.

1. Keep it fresh.

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It happens to the best of us: We're in a group and open the umpteenth bottle thinking we're good to go...but sometimes it gets the best of us and we gotta wait it out. Make sure your wine is still ready when you are.

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2. Make wine slushies at home with giant wine ice cubes and a blender.

Instagram | @bovinepal

Who wants to overpay for frosé? Make it with whatever wine you like at home! You can get creative and add some fruit for decor, too!

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3. Need to smuggle wine into an event? Not that I'm condoning but...

Instagram | @the_original_purple_girl

Them: "Is that a new espresso drink? Looks purple..."
Me: "New, on the secret menu!"

Also, does this make anyone else realize how much coffee some of us drink?

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4. Utilize distressed denim to double up as a hands-free wine holder.

Instagram | @kansastornado91

That way, both hands are free to pour yourself more wine! Whoever made ripped jeans must have had this in mind, right? Like honestly, this is brilliant.

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5. Stop wine bottles from rattling in your grocery cart once and for all, because we all hate that.

Instagram | @cinfullysimple

I mean, this part of the grocery cart is meant for precious cargo, right? Wine is the most precious cargo.

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6. Pour wine into an ice tray and have it ready for cooking.

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If you're the kinda foodie person who loves wine, this one's just for you (because let's face it, the rest of us aren't wasting wine by cooking with it!)

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7. Obvi don't drink the whole bottle at once

Instagram | @pulptastic

Some would argue that she does offer a lot more as the president than others. I would vote for her.

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8. Forgot to get the chilled white? AGAIN? No worries, place a wet towel around the bottle and stick it in the freezer.

Instagram | @atpiel

Voila! No one will ever know how unprepared you are...or *gulp* put ice cubes in their white wine again.

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9. In times of absolute, chaotic emergency, find a nail and a fork to open up a wine bottle.

Instagram | @chicadevagos

For the love of everything good, be careful doing this, please. Don't worry wine, you won't be trapped for long!

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10. Get fancy and add some frozen green grapes to keep things cool.

Instagram | @wineboutitmama

That way, you can keep your white wine cold without having to deal with the gross watered down ice cube effect.

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11. But, of course, green grapes aren't ~optimal~ for all wines. Below is a more in-depth guide, depending on your taste.

Instagram | @wickedwinerun

Plus the frozen fruit at the bottom is super aesthetically pleasing, isn't it?

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12. Invest in a wine-holding, phone-propping magic piece of wood that will change bathtime forever.

Instagram | @emergingvinesuk

You could also try to make it home, but I probs wouldn't be able to manage if we're being honest.

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