Twitter Has Decided November 1st Is The Best Day To Start Watching Christmas Movies

Rae Batchelor 17 Sep 2020

There is nothing like Christmas movies to get you in the holiday spirit. Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, a good Christmas movie can make you feel nostalgic, happy, sentimental, and excited for winter — or maybe a winter romance, if that's your style!

There has long been a debate on when it's appropriate to finally start watching the movies, but Twitter seems to have decided.

There are so many classic Christmas movies.


From the old classics like It's A Wonderful Life and Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer to the modern hits like Elf and The Christmas Chronicles, it's hard to fit all those movies in to just one month, but some people have worried about starting the Christmas marathon too early.

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Twitter seems to have decided that November 1st is the perfect day to start.

This makes sense to me! Two whole months to get in the best Christmas movies before the actual day happens seems like the perfect amount of time — especially since once you get closer to the day itself, all the classics will be playing on TV, so November is the perfect day to get in your lesser-known favorites!

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It seems perfect to me!

"November 1st means Christmas movies for the next two months," one person tweeted.

I can think of way worse ways to spend your November and December, especially once you get over that post-Halloween funk!

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Some people even think the whole experience starts November 1st, tree and all!

What do you think? Is November 1st the perfect time to start your holiday movie marathons, or would you prefer to wait until the day itself gets a little bit closer? Let us know how you feel in the comments below!

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