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Scarlett Johansson Gets Candid About 'Pressure' To Stay Thin In Hollywood

Alicia D'Aversa 24 Jun 2020

Hollywood is full of complex rules and regulations that actors, directors, and writers all have to follow.

One of those things is the unspoken rule that actors, especially women, have to follow which is to stay thin. Society has unfair beauty standards, and in Hollywood, that beauty standard is one of the most important things to uphold.

But Scarlett Johansson wants people to know the damage it can do.

In a new interview with Candis Magazine, Scarlett Johansson talked about the pressures that she deals with from Hollywood to stay thin.


"There has always been pressure on actors to stay thin. There's a scene in one of my favorite movies, All About Eve, where Bette Davis is circling around the room, horribly upset about something, and she picks up a chocolate..."

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"... puts it down ... picks it up again ... puts it down again ... finally, she gives in and eats it, but only after a huge struggle!"


"So even back then, there was the pressure going on. And now, it's much worse."

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"There's a weight I like to maintain, which is slim but healthy. But there's a healthy way to keep to that weight and there's an unhealthy way."


"I don't have any comment on how other people choose to live their lives - but for me, I am far too paranoid about my own health to take the road of eating disorders."

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"I'd rather just stay in shape the natural way."


Wise words, Scarlett Johansson!

It's important that more and more celebs speak up about these pressing issues women face in Hollywood!

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