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Tom Hardy Actually Encouraged Linda Cardellini To Slap Him In 'Capone'

Alicia D'Aversa 24 Jun 2020

Tom Hardy is always someone who takes things to the next level when it comes to his movies. While he doesn't go full method acting, he completely immerses himself in the role and gives all he can to it.

This includes encouraging his castmates to injure him if the scene requires it from them!

No one can say he isn't a team player.

Tom Hardy is definitely one of the best actors in Hollywood.

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He's been in excellent films such as The Dark Knight Rises, Inception, The Drop, and more recently, Capone.

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Linda Cardellini, who played his wife in the film, also gave a fantastic performance where she displayed the fear Mae Capone was dealing with.

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She had to act through a number of uncomfortable scenes, as one does in an intense movie.

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In a recent interview, Linda Cardellini actually opened up about the scene where she hit him!

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"I was terrified. I did not want to smack him hard, but he said, 'Go for it,' so I did. It was a pretty nasty slap, and we had to do it several times."

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"I really let him have it, and after each take, I would just look at him, and my heart would sink. I would say, 'Are you OK?' But, you know, he's strong."

If you haven't sen the movie yet, make sure to check it out!

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