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Jimmy Kimmel Helps Daughter Plan Her Future After Preschool Graduation: 'Scared And Excited'

Alicia D'Aversa 19 Jun 2020

Considering the very strange state of the world, we can't be blamed for needing a little bit of cuteness and good news in our lives.

Thankfully, Jimmy Kimmel delivered on that front when he interviewed his five-year-old daughter after she graduated preschool!

Congrats, little Jane! School only gets harder from there, so really make sure you appreciate the moment.

Listen, sometimes, no matter how small the story, you just have to read about it because it is giving off some good vibes and good energy.

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We can all definitely benefit from some cuteness, and Jimmy Kimmel delivered on that front!

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Kimmel gave a hilarious interview with his daughter, who just graduated preschool this week. And apparently, she must start thinking about her future!

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They talked about her next steps in the journey of her life as a soon to be elementary school child.

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“You did a good job in preschool; have you thought about going on to kindergarten and continuing your education?” Kimmel asked his daughter.

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Her response: "I'm scared and excited."

We can't blame you! We all went through it.

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Between going back and forth on possible career options, Jimmy Kimmel suggests she run for president, and she actually agreed?

“Do you know how to eat chicken nuggets?” he asked, with Jane replying, “Of course.”

“Well then, you’re qualified!” he laughed!

Watch the sweet clip now!

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