25+ Touching Photos From This Week That Made Us Feel Better

Dan 26 May 2020

Do you think there are more good people than bad people in the world?

It's a tough, deep question for sure. There's no guarantee that this list is going to sway you one way or the other. But, at the very least, it should convince you that there are at least a few good people in the world.

1. Take pride in your work.

Reddit | itschaima

This dad didn't grow up as a baker, but he's decided to take on a new challenge. As you can easily see, he's pretty happy with his decision.

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2. Happy either way.

Reddit | cold94

Good for this guy for meeting his health goals. Also, good for him for staying positive either way. This is the kind of thing that'll put a smile on your face.

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3. Why not?

Reddit | dollarpills

It might seem a little odd at first, but this is one of those situations where the best response is to shrug and embrace it. It looks like it made everybody's day.

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4. Progress.

Reddit | jwoodsutk

This guy is making his way through the recovery process from having major C6-T4 back surgery. He's taking his first steps here since going under the knife two months ago.

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5. Big win.

Reddit | DrJacoby12

This Amazon tribe saw their land threatened by a big energy company that would have removed thousands of trees. After battling it in court, they were able to keep the company at bay.

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6. Spider-Man pointing meme.

Reddit | captain_pigpen

"I’ve been telling my nephew that I was Spider-Man for years," wrote this uncle, who added, "He finally got his own suit."

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7. The journey home.

Reddit | kms2547

This 85-year-old woman has seen a lot in her lifetime, from the Great Depression to World War II to a global pandemic. After being stricken with COVID-19, she's recovered and is on the mend.

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8. Paying respects.

Reddit | komposureTV

This soldier was driving along when he spotted a funeral procession. Ignoring the pounding rain, he parked his car and got outside to pay his respects.

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9. Go away, cancer.

Reddit | I_Am_Cha0s

This is a great example of the kind of positivity that can be found online. This teenager posted, and the goodwill they got in return should help them through the tough times.

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10. Double duty.

Reddit | Reddit336

This mom and daughter both went to medical school at the same time. Their timing was excellent, because they were both able to graduate on the same day.

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11. Good pupper.

Reddit | jim_par

This monument is enough to bring tears to the eye. The loyalty of our canine companions is truly astounding at times. George here sacrificed his life to save some children.

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12. Young at heart.

Reddit | Iamricardohaha

Depending on the status of this guy's wife, I'm not sure she really needs a scare right now. That said, it's nice to see people keep their playful nature late in life.

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13. NYC problems.

Reddit | downriverrowing

This sign was spotted in New York, where plenty of people live in sun-starved apartments. It's nice to think that someone is taking the extra time to give their plants this level of TLC.

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14. Dad's gonna dad.

Reddit | AegonTargeryen

It might be decades later, but some things never change. When this dad decides his son needs a haircut, that son's going to get a haircut.

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15. A kind soul.

Reddit | alfaguara27

Ask anyone who's grown out their hair, then chopped it off: it's a tough decision to get rid of hair that took years to grow. This girl decided to do it for the best possible reason.

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16. Spitting image.

Reddit | farmch

There's something about this recreated photo that sits just right. I love how this mom's son has the same facial expression in both pics, and also that he managed to match his childhood wardrobe.

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17. Full circle.

Reddit | niztg

This nurse isn't likely to remember her childhood battle with cancer, but it definitely made an impact. It's so cool that she's able to help people at the hospital that helped her.

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18. Gotta catch 'em all.

Reddit | Pat-El

Having your kid get interested in one of your passions is truly a parent's dream. This dad is probably glad he didn't throw out his Pokémon cards years ago.

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19. I'm sure she felt special.

Reddit | Android_Is_Great

This message from a 13-year-old who wants to give his mom a special birthday might be the most touching thing I've seen all week. The sentiment here is just too pure.

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20. This spot's reserved.

Reddit | god0f69

It's great to see kind, fun little gestures like this. When I locked my bike to the same lamppost every day, it just wound up getting stolen.

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21. League of extraordinary gentlemen.

Reddit | Spreehox

Lots of lessons and insights that are regarded as common sense need to be taught at some point. Sometimes these lessons come from parents, and sometimes they come from other mentors.

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22. Service with a smile.

Reddit | pooty_twang

A global pandemic will mess a lot of things up. This note from a server at a local Thai restaurant encapsulates that fully. But even though they're short-staffed, they're doing their absolute best.

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23. The best kind of luck.

Reddit | SaomWilkerson

This dad probably teared up a little bit when his kid gave him this four-leaf clover. Years later, his kid probably teared up upon realizing he'd kept it all these years.

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24. Aww, Doodlebug...

Reddit | jim_par

This pic shows that the need for snuggles and comfort isn't a uniquely human thing. This kangaroo probably found some much-needed comfort after being orphaned from his mom.

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25. The true punk ethos.

Reddit | boiguhr

Lots of subcultures may appear strange or intimidating, but ultimately, people are people. This kid was curious, and this punk was more than happy to oblige.

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26. You've got yourself a new customer.

Reddit | KevlarYarmulke

There's something disarmingly pure about a kid who just wants to spend time with animals. Even aside from that, the offer of free dog walks is tough to turn down.

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27. Seems reasonable.

Reddit | clawdninehehe

Business owners are free to close their businesses at any time for any reason. This owner has offered an explanation for their closure that's deeply touching.

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28. There's a resemblance.

Reddit | mountain55man77

"My dad passed away when I was one," wrote the guy seen on the right. "I like to think he’d be happy with how much we look alike!"

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29. She's got extra gowns.

Reddit | My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

This is a great way to endorse grandma's nightgown habits. I would also suggest that, at 84 years old, she's earned the right to wear any darn thing she pleases.

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30. What a way to remember her.

Reddit | Sumit316

This girl's mom died back when she was a toddler. Thanks to the deft hand of this artist, she now has a beautiful portrait to remember her mom by.

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