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Quotes For Making The Most Out Of Life

Amy Pilkington 6 May 2020

If 2020 has given us anything positive to take from it, it's the chance to really learn what we are capable of. Both as a society and as individuals.

Maybe you've learned that despite anxiety and fear, you are able to put your game face on and go to work each day to help people buy the supplies they need to survive or to save them from this life-threatening disease we're all coming to terms with.

Maybe you're a parent struggling to work from home while learning to really appreciate your children's teachers.


Maybe, like a lot of us, you've learned that time has given you and society an unrealistic sense of what counts as achievement and work ethic.

And maybe, it has started to eat away at your mental, emotional, and even physical health.

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For anyone who needs to hear this: you're doing enough.

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You're doing everything you can to stay afloat and sane right now and that is enough.

Achievement culture has given us all a skewed view of what "making the most" out of life really means.

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For many of us, "making the most" seems the same as "having the most" and that's a recipe for unhappiness.


Living our best lives is personal to each of us and no outside metric is going to work for everyone. So stop trying to make yourself fit the mold.

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Life isn't a to-do list.


It's a series of events and milestones, birthdays and bad haircuts, loves and losses and loves again, curveballs and pitches straight down the middle that you still somehow miss.

It's life. It's hard and wonderful and exhausting and it's yours.

And if that means giving up on teaching your kid algebra in favor of baking a cake with them, do it. They'll remember it more fondly anyway.

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